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Tips for Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Tomorrow starts a brand new year. That means it’s time to make big, lofty goals to completely transform yourself as a person, right? Hmmm, not so fast. A new year is a time for a fresh start, but part of the reason that New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap is because many of them are unfocused and a little too ambitious. The New Year is all about committing to small changes that add up to lifestyle transformations, not trying to turn yourself into a brand new person over night.

New Year2

These tips will help you come up with New Year’s resolutions that you’re proud of, and most importantly, that you can stick to past February (the time when most people quit).

Lower Your Ambitions

I know that lowering your ambitions doesn’t seem like the best advice, especially from a weight loss clinic, but hear us out. Starting out with a huge goal, like lose 100 pounds this year, can lead to disaster. First of all, even if that’s the ultimate goal, it’s pretty overwhelming as an initial goal, and it might be a little too ambitious. Second of all,  take an honest look at the goal. Is it something that you realistically accomplish in the time frame given? If not, re-evaluate. Maybe you can vow to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week or 50 pounds for the year, which is an enormous goal. If you’re too ambitious, it can leave you feeling defeated if you don’t meet that goal.

Be VERY Clear

One of the best ways to accomplish your goals is to be VERY clear about what they are. It’s not enough to say “I want to lose weight” or “I want to be healthier”. How exactly are you going to get there? Instead, say things like “I will cut back on my soda habit” or “I will start going to the gym 3 times per week”.

Focus On One Thing at a Time

You’re not going to become a completely different person overnight and that’s okay. Don’t set yourself up for failure by giving yourself a resolution that looks like this: “I will quit smoking, lose 20 pounds, spend less time watching television, and work out 7 days a week”. That is way too much to focus on. Prioritize instead. What goal is most important to you? If it’s quitting smoking, focus on that. Once you feel comfortable with your new non-smoker lifestyle, move on to the next goal, like cutting down on your television time. Keep in mind that these are goals you are going to have to consistently work on, but don’t try to commit to everything all at once. That’s a surefire path to overwhelm.

Ask For Help

We all need a little help and support from time to time. Share your goals with others and ask for help when you need it. You may need a gym buddy or someone to send you some new, healthy recipes. Don’t be afraid to reach out for support. If you don’t find that support with family and friends, find a community of people who share your goals. It could be something as simple as joining a Facebook group where people offer advice. If weight loss is your goal, we’re here to support you on your journey.

Make Sure You’re Happy

Happiness reigns above all else. If you start a new routine and you’re totally unhappy with it, you’re allowed to change your mind and do something else. One of the keys to sticking to your New Year’s resolution is to be happy with the change. Something that makes you miserable is not sustainable. To add to that, studies have shown that happiness increases willpower, so the happier you are, the more easily you’ll be able to stick to your new routine.

What is your resolution for 2016? What small goals have you put in place to get there? We’d love to hear all about it!

Maintaining Weight Loss May Come Down To Your Traits

For many people, losing weight is the easy part; it’s keeping it off that’s the struggle. That’s why fad diets or weight loss trends don’t have much staying power. Sure, they’ll help you lose the weight, but most of them aren’t sustainable, so once you’ve reached your next step – maintaining weight loss – you’re left high and dry.


So what is one to do? The first step is realizing that the key to a healthy weight and overall wellness is to resolve to change your lifestyle permanently. Successful weight loss isn’t about New Year’s resolutions or quick fixes; it’s about switching your mindset. You have to realize that this is going to be something you’re going to have to work at. You’re going to have to take each day at a time and make making good choices a long-term habit, rather than a month-long “diet”.

There is actually research in the fields of neuroscience and neuropsychology that shows that people who are able to achieve their goals consistently have similar mental patterns. The good news is that many of these mental patterns can be learned over time, so if these things don’t come naturally to you, you can rewire your brain by practicing them regularly.

Traits of People Who are Successful with Weight Loss

  • They focus. In this modern world, it’s hard to stay focused. Even when you’re doing one thing, you’re probably thinking about another. This is distracting and forces you to split your attention. People who are able to focus on the current task – like their workout or their meal – are able to work more efficiently.
  • They prioritize. A lot of people say they just don’t have the time to exercise or to prepare healthy meals, but often, the truth is that these things are not a priority. Take an honest look at your life and your schedule. Are you prioritizing what’s important or are you spending too much time on distractions?
  • They are organized. Physical clutter translates to mental clutter. When your outside world is in disarray, it’s difficult to stay on track. Clear some physical clutter and watch how that alleviates your mind.
  • They have goals. It’s important to have specific goals. It’s not enough to say “I want to get healthy”, you need to know exactly how you plan to get there. Write out action steps and daily or weekly goals.
  • They are flexible. Yes, it’s important to have a schedule to keep yourself organized, but it’s also vital that you’re able to roll with the punches. For example, if you wanted to work out in the morning before work, but you overslept, be flexible enough to fit in your workout before dinner, don’t just skip it because you missed your scheduled time.

Do you have any of these traits? Do you have any traits that you think should be added to this list? Let us know!

Splurge Without Guilt: Healthy Peppermint Hot Cocoa

Last week we discussed the health benefits of peppermint, one of the most popular flavors of the season. We suggested sipping on peppermint tea or trying some peppermint essential oil, but what we failed to mention is that one of the best complementary flavors for peppermint is chocolate.

hot chocolate

Of course, we don’t want you to go overboard when it comes to chocolate, but the sweet treat, especially in the form of hot cocoa, is a staple of the holiday season and we don’t want you to completely miss out.

If you feel like having a sweet, mint chocolate treat, look no further! This recipe for healthy peppermint hot cocoa, which makes a single serving, provides only 98 calories and 1 gram of fat when made with skim milk and it’s easy to whip up with ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry.

What You Need:

  • 1 cup milk of your choice (skim, almond, or coconut are great choices)
  • 2 rounded teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 3 to 4 drops liquid stevia
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/8 teaspoon peppermint extract

What To Do:

Put milk in a small saucepan over medium-low heat until warm, but not boiling. Add remaining ingredients and whisk until smooth. Pour mixture into a mug and top with a dash of cinnamon, if desired.


Beyond Your Breath: Health Benefits of Peppermint

December is the season to be jolly – it’s also the season where peppermint pops up all over the place. Sure, peppermint is a delicious addition to your favorite treats, but did you ever stop and think about the health benefits that come along with the powerful herb?


Peppermint isn’t just for flavor, the health effects of its fresh leaves and oil date back to ancient times.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A growing number of studies show that peppermint can help alleviate the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, including gas, pain, bloating, and diarrhea.
  • Headaches/Migraines: A study published in the journal Headache found that peppermint may help prevent the onset of headaches and associated symptoms for those with migraines. Applying peppermint oil to the forehead can be as effective as acetaminophen in the treatment of tension headaches.
  • Cold and Flu: The main chemical component of peppermint, called menthol, helps shrink the swollen membranes in the nose, making it easier to breathe when you’re congested. Menthol also acts as an expectorant, which means it helps loosen and bring out mucus from the lungs, helping to relieve coughing.
  • Nausea/Vomiting: Pregnant women and those undergoing chemotherapy have experienced a reduction in nausea and vomiting from using peppermint in various forms.
  • Cavities and Bad Breath: Peppermint oil has shown to be more effective than the most common chemical in mouthwash – called chlorhexidine – in preventing the formation of biofilms, which are linked to the development of cavities. Peppermint can also freshen breath and whiten teeth.
  • Muscle Pain: Peppermint oil has been shown to provide relief from muscle pain and spasms when applied directly to the affected muscle.

How to Enjoy Peppermint:

One of the most popular ways to reap the rewards of the medicinal herb is to drink peppermint tea. Sip some in the morning before you start your day, or after dinner to help with digestion.

You can also experiment with diffusing peppermint essential oil or applying it topically. If you choose to go the essential oil route, always make sure to use the proper safety precautions. Peppermint essential oil should not be applied directly to the skin without a carrier oil.


Busting Botox Myths

VM BotoxWhen it comes to Botox, we’ve heard (and been asked) it all. Botox has become one of the most common cosmetic advancements of the 20th century, but there are still a lot of things that are misunderstood about the procedure. We don’t know how these myths started – or why they persist – but we’re here to clear the air for you.

Botox Makes You Expressionless

One of the most common rumors surrounding Botox is that once you’ve received it, you’ll no longer be able to show any expression, but that’s just not true! Botox doesn’t freeze your face; it relaxes the wrinkle-producing facial muscles at the point of injection. There are several other muscles in your face that are involved in facial movement and you will still be able to display a wide range of facial expressions.

Botox is Toxic

Botox is a protein derived from a toxin called botulinum toxin, which comes from the bacteria that cause botulism food poisoning. In order to get botulism, the bacteria must affect your central nervous system. Botox itself is not only an isolated segment of the bacteria, it stays local at the injection site and doesn’t travel to your nervous system.streaming film Insurgent

While there are some small risks of side effects, Botox is extremely safe. The treatment has a long and well-established safety history that dates back 20 years. Keep in mind that Botox is safest in the hands of a qualified medical professional and at recommended doses.

Stopping Botox Will Make Wrinkles Worse

Some people think that once you start getting Botox, you’ll have to continue getting it forever or your wrinkles will get worse. While you may want to because of how great you’ll look, it isn’t necessary. If you stop getting Botox treatments, your wrinkles will just go back to the way they were before you started the treatments. Martie Gidon – a dermatologist from Toronto – explains that Botox will prevent your wrinkles from getting worse while you keep up with treatments; but when you stop, you will lose the effect of the Botox and your face will resume normal development of wrinkles.

There are also no addictive properties in Botox, so there is no way to become physically addicted to it.

Botox is Permanent

Botox is not permanent. A typical treatment lasts for 3 months before a follow-up is necessary, however, it can appear to last anywhere from 6 to 12 months once patients get used to no longer furrowing their brows.

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