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  • I've been a patient in the weight loss program within the past year and I would like to say Claudia is one of my favorites her customer service is awesome whenever I come there she makes me feel like she's one of my girlfriends. Thumbs up to her and my weightless journey.

    - Shawna H. -
  • So here it is! PIE oh what's in a name! She's everything my personal diary when I complain about daily eating struggles, life etc. She is like a bartender listening and instead of mixing drinks! she is poking me w a B12 ! But it's amazing u don't feel it and like I ...

    - Erin F. -
  • Ayarra was very informative and walked me through the process with great detail and was able to answer all of my questions. She has also personally been through the program so was able to relate well. When it came time for my B-12 injection, my bum cheek blushed at how professionally she administered ...

    - Bryan B. -
  • The staff at Valley Medical’s Tempe location is awesome. They’re very friendly, highly skilled, and supportive. Alex, in particular, always has a great attitude, makes you feel heard, and never rushes you. She makes a visit to the clinic enjoyable. I’ve been on their standard weight loss program for about 6.5 months and have ...

    - Juan G. -
  • Your office staff is amazing and so positive and helpful. I have been coming for a month now and feel great! I had the pleasure of meeting Emilie at my last visit and she was so friendly and helpful talking with me on the next steps. Thank you all for being so encouraging!!

    - Laurie M. -
  • Diana is wonderful and a wealth of knowledge. She gives pain free shots too. She has helped me plan out my weight loss goals. I highly recommend Valley Medical Weight Loss to lose your extra weight with Diana’s assistance.

    - Susan O. -
  • We have been working on getting healthier and losing weight for 4 mos now. I’m down 20, then over the holidays I gained a little back .... And we are back in the program again. The Lipo max shots work very well, the staff is great - we saw Emily today, very friendly ...

    - Emily W. -
  • The staff if friendly and knowledgeable. They have many services available. I've lost 25 lbs. I love going to Valley Medical weight Loss.

    - Sabrina S. -
  • Outstanding staff! Very helpful with all weight loss questions, supplements and recommendation's! Already have a total weight loss of 12.2 pounds!! The ladies are always ready to hype you up in your weight loss goals!

    - Rosemary C. -
  • I went from 197lbs to 158lbs in 12 weeks for only $32 a week . This lotion is amazing, the staff is amazing. I trying some many different diets that didn't work for years until I found this place and it really does work.

    - Katie K. -
  • Valley Weight Loss Clinics, has really helped me keep my weight down and stay down. No contract or membership. Great place to get help and not be charged a arm and a leg. Really like Estelle for the help and care she provides. Estelle also has a great hand to give shots, no ...

    - Tracey C. -
  • I highly recommend this place. I started in November and have loss 2-3 pounds a week. I suggest following all the directions and eat right and the weight will melt off. Also the Lipo X shots are a game changer... half way to my goal weight.

    - Salina W. -
  • I love going here, the staff is very supportive and encouraging. I have lost more than 25 pounds and look forward to more!

    - Lourdes C. -
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Valley Medical! They’re always so kind and there to help with any and all questions I have! I’ve never felt judged or like they don’t care and that is hard to come by with weight loss! I also love and appreciate how much knowledge they have to give us ...

    - Nikki R. -
  • I have lost 41 lbs since coming. For 6 years prior I have tried a healthier life and couldn't lose anymore weight. This diet center is friendly, affordable, and supportive. The medical techs and front desk are kind. Shout out to Alex for her support not only to me but family that also ...

    - LeAnn P. -
  • No better program than at valley medical weight loss. Literally the best. I have dropped so much at a steady pace.

    - Jennifer C. -
  • I am a 70-year-old woman who has struggled with my weight for my lifetime. I was treated with professionalism, kindness, and sensitivity. In addition, in the first round of 6-week treatment, I lost 33 lbs! I am beginning my second 6-week treatment beginning tomorrow, and hope to lose another 30-45 lbs. I am ...

    - Karen G. -
  • I have been struggling with weight loss and healthy eating habits for years. VMWL has been an angel sent from heaven. I have lost weight and they have taught me healthy eating options. I feel AMAZING! RAYELI was very friendly and always has encouragement. The ENTIRE staff is AWESOME!!! PLEASE DO SOMETHING FOR ...

    - Shandrika M. -
  • I am so glad I chose to try coming here. From the first day I was greeted with smiles from everyone and they always take time to answer all of my questions and concerns. My weight lose has been GREAT 17LBS down in a month and I feel so good!

    - Kimberly S. -
  • I joined this program a week ago and have already lost 9 pounds! The staff is wonderful, friendly and so informative. Cheryl is so amazing, she made me feel like I was joining a family. I met with Dr Woeller, who is also amazing. She noticed that my thyroid was enlarged and suggested ...

    - Connie N. -
  • A friend of mine referred me to VMWL and I couldn't be happier with my weight loss and the wonderful staff. Cindy, Stephanie and the others are professional, nice and easy to talk to. My husband and I have referred quite a few people here as well and they too are happy they've ...

    - Dorina S. -
  • I started coming here in late May. As of today (10/18) i’ve lost about 55 pounds. My goal is 100! Everyone here is awesome, especially Wendy, she’s my fave. 😆😆 From support to encouragement, I think this will definitely keep me coming. Once I hit my goal, I’ll probably still pop in from ...

    - Toni B. -
  • I've been eating healthy and exercising regularly but felt like I needed some extra help. I've been going for a month and can see the difference! The doctor I saw was so informative and everyone on staff is knowledgeable and supportive. The b-12 injections give me that energy boost I need to help ...

    - Danielle B. -
  • Absolutely love the program I'm on! HCG is the way to go for me! I started on Monday, August 19, and as of this morning Friday, August 30, I am down 16 pounds! I love the app... The recipes are so extremely helpful and delicious! And the encouragement helps immensely! Thank you,  thank ...

    - Debi H. -
  • What an AMAZING experience I have had here at Valley Medical Weight Loss. Everyone from the check in process up to meeting the doctor was simply, easy and stress free. This program works and will show results!! I've visit 2 locations and have gotten the same great experience even though I visit the ...

    - German C. -
  • Diana is absolutely fantastic. She is very informative and  professional. I enjoy coming each week to weigh in. The appointments are quick  I am able to come to appointments on my lunch hour. The doctor is always available for any questions. This was a great investment for me and anyone who is serious ...

    - Tequisha M. -
  • I have been coming to VMWL for about 3 months, and I have never felt better. Dr Woeller is the absolute sweetest and motivating doctor I have met. The front office staff are the nicest and happiest people, and always eager to help, shout out to Maritza for always smiling. Efrain makes injections ...

    - Chelsea E. -
  • This WEIGHT LOSS program is the REAL DEAL!!! For anyone who has tried everything to lose weight and failed......DON'T GIVE UP! Go and see this place. From the staff to the great results you will see......YOU WILL BE ESTATIC!!!!!!

    - Debbie S. -
  • This place is absolutely amazing! I have had such a great experience here. Cheryl has been such a blessing. She is so kind so helpful. All of their staff is great. They have wonderful customer service. I would highly recommend valley medical weight loss clinic. You will not be disappointed!

    - Mc R -
  • The best weight loss center in all of Arizona. I've lost 30 pounds in the last 6 months and feeling great. I'm down to my high school weight and looking good. Great people, great customer service and the cost are just right.

    - Vic -
  • I have to say I didn't think this would work, but Jan 15, 2018, I weighed 239.8 lbs by Memorial Day I was bouncing between 200-205 lbs, I took a break for a month, went back in Aug 2018, got to my goal weight of 195 lbs and now a year later I'm ...

    - Matthew B. -
  • The first day I arrived at their office I was a wreck I had just left the doctors office and (weirdly) I was expecting to be told I had a thyroid problem because of my weight gain, but was told there's nothing wrong with me. Everyone was so nice to me. The doctor ...

    - Caroline C. -
  • I started going to Valley Weight Control around October/November 2018, and lost over 10lbs in 4 weeks! I took a break over December because of the holidays and only gained a pound!! I started back again, and i can’t wait to see how my progress is through February! Everyone that works there is ...

    - Charity W. -
  • Everyone dreads the diet! Especially me. I am down 12 pounds and have only been at it 2 weeks. The B12 and the fat blockers give you energy and leave you feeling refreshed.. More than the pounds that disappear, the inches disappear! If you are like me, you may not know where to ...

    - Amy R. -
  • Very professional and supportive. I especially appreciate how well the staff does at giving B12 or Fat Burning shots. I am not comfortable with needles, and they make is quick and painless. Thank you.

    - Randy J. -
  • Great medical and front office staff. Location is clean and professional and appears to be run smoothly. Programs are reasonably priced and the ability to have not only on the initial encounter, but access to a Medical Practitioner at any visit is awesome.

    - Phillip L. -
  • Absolutely great programs! I start the HGC injections after Thanksgiving and to date have lost 31 lbs! Never hungry. All the staff are great and get you in and out quickly. So happy with the results so far!

    - Nancy R. -
  • The medication is just what I needed to get focused on kicking my sugar habit. The staff is wonderful and the time you spend in the office is minimal.

    - Lance R. -
  • From my very 1st experience everybody has always been so nice this has only been 3 weeks and I feel like family. The atmosphere is just welcoming even though they are moving locations I’m still traveling to Glendale for this one office. 😍😍

    - Alicia S. -
  • Valley medical weight-loss clinic has helped me lose 55 pounds so far and they just keep me going. The staff is fantastic and always encouraging the disability is very nice and the prices are reasonable. I feel like a whole new me things to Valley medical weight-loss clinic.

    - Ellen L. -
  • I love this place! Everyone is so nice. I never have a long wait. I'm 57 and is very difficult for me to lose weight but with their help I am losing. Slow and steady wins the race.

    - Carol W. -
  • I am very pleased with my experience so far. I have almost completed a month as of now and have lost 8 lbs which I am very happy with. I had previously been dieting on my own with the Keto Diet and hit a plateau that I had not been able to get ...

    - Mary M. -
  • The customer service here was great. The staff has always been friendly. I like the Lipo injections the best, they give me the energy I need and seem to work well.

    - Shanna T. -
  • The staff here are absolutely wonderful. I've been on the program for about 6 weeks and I have lost over 25lbs. I love my visits with Pie. She is very helpful and gives great tips on how to change up things to help promote more weight loss.

    - Kelli R. -
  • "The accountability part of weight loss is a motivator for me. Although I drive more than 50 miles one way to Valley Medical Weight Loss Center, I find that it is worth it. The staff is helpful."

    - Betty H. -
  • "Regained my energy ! Lost over 40 pounds in 4 weeks ! Thank you Valley Medical !"

    - John L. -
  • Definitely recommend Tempe location for dietary and supplemental needs. The staff is AMAZINGLY humorous, fun, and friendly!! Pie,Maritza,Cheryl, and Dr Woeller have all put smiles on and have the best interest for your visit! Successful weight loss and energy are my goals and they are helpful in every way.

    - Chandler, AZ -
  • The staff here are incredibly nice! Everything was low pressure and easy. The ladies there were very helpful. The doctor was genuine and gave me a meal and exercise plan. He wanted to make sure I was educated about what I needed to do and how to take the medication. Their prices are reasonable and everyone ...

    - Chauntey E. -
  • This place is the best and cheapest by far!! The doctor and staff is amazing. I have never waited longer than 15 minutes to get in! The weekly plan they have is the best and it works! I needed to lose 15 lbs and i did it with the help of the pills ...

    - Sheryl J. -
  • I have been going to valley medical for 12 weeks now and have lost 41 lbs. my experience has been nothing but amazing. I have tried other diets and NOTHING has worked for me. I always plateau and then give up because I'm not seeing results. All of the staff have been great. ...

    - Tori L. -
  • I would like to make a recommendation to Valley Medical Weight Loss .. Especially if you have struggled with Weight Loss.. I Started here March 20, 2018 and to Date Jun 27,2018, I have lost 29lbs and over 17inches. The Center has several different options to choose from. I personally LOVE the Phentermine, ...

    - Cindy B. -
  • Today marks 12 weeks that I have been with Valley Medical and let me just say the results are AMAZING!! I have lost 37lbs and feel better than I have in 5 years. Dr. Woeller is wonderful and I cannot speak highly enough about the staff! I typically go for my visit during ...

    - Tina C. -
  • This place has changed my life!!! Very thankful for the how friendly and helpful the staff is! Marcos had helped me start my weight loss journey and is so informative, he will help and guide you with anything and answer all questions asked!

    - Angela A. -
  • WOW, that's what I can say about VMWL. This place is NOT your average medical treatment facility, this place is soooo clean and the climate control is set to the perfect level of comfort. Now the real comfort comes from every employee in VMWL, I mean everyone. This team communicates with each other ...

    - Don B. -
  • Lost over 100 lbs from Sept 17 to beginning of June 18. Great crew and I would highly recommend.

    - Rick M. -
  • I highly recommend the services that are provided at Valley medical weight loss. I go to the one on 24th street , And I can not speak highly enough of the staff there . Walking in the door you are greeted with smiles , You're made to feel comfortable right from the beginning. ...

    - Francine D. -
  • I've lost 30 pounds in 1 month in a half and they taught me how to diet and I feel so much better about myself and refer anyone who is trying to get up and get this weight down to come through and they work with you money wise stop saying your going ...

    - Justice J. -
  • I called this facility for information, from the start everyone was very friendly. When I walked in, the shop was very clean and bright, open/airy. The weight loss clinic I went to before (in 2014 before my wedding - and the first time I've ever gone to a weight loss center) was much ...

    - Marian T. -
  • This is a great place to go if you are trying to lose weight. I've currently lost 25 pounds so far and cannot wait until I reach my goal weight. The staff here are awesome and help you with whatever goal you are trying to reach and provide you with a meal plan.

    - Kayla J. -
  • Valley Medical is great I started my journey to weight loss in August 2015 it was very hard to transition from a life of eating as I pleased to being concious and aware if what and how much I ate the staff has been very supportive rather it was 1 pound in a week ...

    - Leinlani R. -
  • I took 7 month break after I lost over 25 pounds due to having eye surgery. When I went back to Valley Medical Weight Loss this past week the medical assistant Vanessa came up to me and gave me a hug and said "Welcome back!" She asked about my family and my job! ...

    - Stephanie P. -
  • So after some internally fighting within myself I decided to get back to my weight loss program- I went back to Valley Medical Tempe where I lost 40lbs last year and felt so great- but then I blink and Holidays pass and now it's about to be summer soon, so yup I went ...

    - Andre L. -
  • I LOVE this place. I first started Dec 1st 2016 at 190lbs and I'm so happy to say I've since lost over 50lbs and kept it off. I will stay I still struggle with 2-3lbs up and down but the eating planning and exercise suggestions they made helped me so much. They're realistic ...

    - Sherise M. -
  • I had 20 pounds I needed to lose. I had tried other diets but just not successful. I think the combination of shots, pills, exercise and calories were perfect. I started before Thanksgiving and by April I had lost the weight. I am still going and weighing in occasionally and also getting The ...

    - Rose S. -
  • I have lost 34lbs in about three months. They are very supportive and suggest changes when needed. Also I have seen a lot of result with the extra lipo b shots as well. I have not felt hungry or too tired. I have also recommended this weight loss program to two other people ...

    - Leah R. -
  • I have always had a weight problem so after suffering a major knee injury in 2012 and not being able to walk for any great length the weight just piled on. I no longer felt like myself and didn't like what I was looking at in the mirror. I decided it was time ...

    - Jennifer B. -
  • Love the office and group. A busy office but they get you in and out. Great value for their services, including Botox!

    - Elisabeth H. -
  • Love everyone there. They are super nice and friendly. I've lost 50 pounds in 3 months safe and healthy. Would recommend this place to anybody that needs help with their weight.

    - Rich M -
  • I have been going to the Tempe location for just over a year. I must say that Dr. Woeller and her staff have been absolutely amazing since the start. I especially appreciate the work done by Marco and how much he cares for customer satisfaction. When I started I was well over 300 ...

    - Matt H. -
  • I have struggled for many, many years with trying to address my weight issues. I went to several other weight loss places that dispensed shakes and supposed "appetite suppressants and fat burners". However, no one can touch what Valley Weight Loss Center has done for me. In just six weeks, I have lost ...

    - Danny G. -
  • Amazing staff! I immediately felt comfortable coming in for my injections and weight loss program. I travel a lot for work and had given other weight loss options a try. This is the first thing that worked. I even lost my goal weight earlier than I had given myself. Huge thank you to ...

    - Christopher J. -
  • This place is awesome ..I lost 50 lbs The Dr is kind..patient..and knowledgeable.the staff are super. .always with a smile on their face i highly recommend this place and their products.

    - Maria W. -
  • Consistently receive personalized, professional, and friendly service. Always treated more than just another client. Excellent care and cutting edge services / all priced right makes all the difference. Highly recommend Valley Medical.

    - Bradley S. -
  • Such a wonderful experience all around! Medical staff is very knowledgeable, and they've really take the time to get to know me and my weight loss goals! I have kept off the weight for 9 months now, and I would highly recommend Valley Medical to anyone looking to lose weight the healthy way! ...

    - Stacy B. -
  • Best weight loss clinic in the valley, caring and professional...Dr Woeller is a goddess and has an amazing staff!! Love, love, love Valley Medical Weight Loss in Tempe.

    - Renee L. -
  • Quick results, no appointments, no upfront fees, the program is affordable and you get your prescription at the center, no need to fill it at a pharmacy. Also The staff are super nice and supportive.

    - Elizabeth W. -
  • My experience is always A+++... An 11/10... customer service is always on point, staff always explains everything thoroughly, and they always move people through with the utmost respect. Can we just PLEASSSSSE get a location in the Glendale/Peoria area?

    - Monica G. -
  • I have had an excellent experience with this office. I am almost 3 weeks into the program and have the best results ever. I had about 26 pounds I wanted to lose and lost 7 my first 2 weeks. The best part is that I never suffered the standard dieting ailments of stomach ...

    - Lisa H. -
  • This place is great for B12 shots. Great value, no appointment needed. Been coming here for a few years now. Thanks!

    - Jordan H. -
  • The staff here are great. Very helpful and patient. The B12 shots are a big help too!

    - Diane K. -
  • Valley Medical Weight Loss is awesome. The staff is very kind and not judgmental at all. Their aesthetic doctors are wonderful! I was a fan of Derma_Health but not anymore. Prices are better here and you don't have a scary person, that you DEFINITELY DO NOT want to look like administering the injections. ...

    - Nancy G. -
  • Love the office and group. A busy office but they get you in and out. Great value for their services, including Botox!

    - Elizabeth H. -
  • I had 20 pounds I needed to lose. I had tried other diets but just not successful. I think the combination of shots, pills, exercise and calories were perfect. I started before Thanksgiving and by April I had lost the weight. I am still going and weighing in occasionally and also getting The ...

    - Rose S. -
  • Plenty of weight loss options for all!! Great natural supplements and they even have a buddy program! Highly recommended!

    - Darnese S. -
  • Good value for programs and supplements. The service is always great and the staff is friendly and helpful. The facility is always clean and comfortable. I usually go during my lunch break and have never had to wait more than a few minutes.

    - Amanda P. -
  • I love how quick and easy the process is and that you can do weekly purchases, instead of dropping hundreds up front. Plus, everyone is super nice. The lipotropic shots are my fave boost of energy.

    - Jenn S. -
  • I thought my visit was very pleasant. The office was clean, chairs comfortable unusual in most Dr offices. The staff was friendly efficient & most helpful. I was able to get my b12 at good price which saves me a Dr appointment which is further away. They gave me my first shot & ...

    - Ronald Z. -
  • Dr. Woeller and staff are the absolute ENCOURAGING BEST! I lost 30 pounds under their care in less than 6-months. I have maintained it with ease for the last 6-months and am looking forward to a LONGER, HEALTHIER and FITTER LIFE thanks to the knowledge, care and encouragement given to me at VM ...

    - Qui F. -
  • I'm just on week 2 but I really feel like I'm going to lose this time. Everyone is so encouraging there! And you can tell that they don't use one specific plan for everyone, treatment plans are definitely based on individual requirements AND their prices are extremely reasonable the average person like me ...

    - Debbie G. -
  • Love everyone there. They are super nice and friendly. I've lost 50 pounds in 3 months safe and healthy. Would recommend this place to anybody that needs help with their weight.

    - Rich H. -
  • I love this place and everyone that works here ....they are so Sweet and Kind.

    - Michelle R. -
  • I appreciate the courteous staff that work in the Tempe office. They are friendly and very knowledgeable and never fail to answer all of my questions. The process is simple and easy every time I go there, and the doctors care. It makes it easy to talk with them and feel motivated to ...

    - Marna G. -
  • Was very skeptical at first because I tried everything under the sun to lose weight but phentermine and the B12 shots really work, with workout and healthy eating of course. I would highly recommend The Valley Medical Weight loss program.

    - Iesha C. -
  • Love the place. Lost 50 pounds so far.. easy program. And the staff is super helpful.

    - Ashley L. -
  • Great Results and the Staff are AMAZING!!! This office is always clean and they are very organized. I can't imagine how many people come through their weekly but you would never know as they always take the time to personalize your visit and make sure you feel like you are being supported and ...

    - Heidi C. -
  • I started valley medical weight loss a year ago and I have already lost 70 pounds. the staff is GREAT!!!!

    - Leilani R. -
  • We love this place. My Fiancée lost 58 pounds and I lost 28 pounds. We have kept it off and feel great!

    - Heather H. -
  • I love Valley Medical Weight Loss...through them I have very nearly reached my weight loss goal of 100 pounds (5 to go) which is more than I loss with my lap-band alone. I always return to VMWL whenever I hit a plateau and need a boost. I don't know how they do it ...

    - Cecelia J. -
  • This place is awesome. When I started it I was over 315 pounds. After Consulting with their physician and the awesome assistant nurses they have there I am down to 265 lbs in just 4 and half months. Their plans are simple and affordable but most importantly effective. I would highly recommend this ...

    - Rich H. -
  • First time going today and the Doctor and nurses were amazing! They thoroughly answered all my questions and helped me understand healthier eating habits! Extremely professional and nice. Environment was clean. Really appreciated the folder they provide t it gives you the prices upfront and also great tips!! Hoping for great results!

    - Kimberly B. -
  • They kept their word, and followed through. I went in a fat girl and came out slim. As long as you do what they say you will be ok. Happy with my results after trying and trying. I lost 20 pounds.

    - Nat S. -
  • Great Service.. Always in and out of the clinic... Love the injections they give me energy

    - Martha C. -
  • With this program you have the chance to lose weight and keep it off!

    - Angelica S. -
  • Everyone in the office is very very nice that's very welcoming when going to a weight loss clinic sometimes it can be uncomfortable but everyone there makes you feel very comfortable and welcome my sister and I both love it, and the medication really works ... Much appreciated! –

    - Lanee L. -
  • I was struggling to lose weight for the past couple of years and I recently started coming back here. I met with Joan and started my program and in the past 4 weeks I have lost 26 lbs. I am so happy with my progress and how I look.

    - Laurie V. -
  • I love this place. I have slowly dropped 32 pounds over 3 months. They work with you and very patient when you feel discouraged. I usually go in the morning once a week to weigh and get my pills and shots and they are usually very quick on getting people seen. It is ...

    - Nicole V. -