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Daily Meal and Exercise Plans Direct to You

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Select the appropriate colored box/program below to create your FREE login!


Select the 1200 Calorie Meal Plan if you have been instructed to follow a low calorie diet.

If you have been placed on the HCG weight loss program, the HCG Meal Plan is for you.


Exercise is an important aspect of any weight loss program. Here are several options. Select one based on your needs and current physical condition. Remember if you are on the HCG diet, the Walking Plan is for you.

Are you on our HCG Diet Protocol? If so, the Walking Plan is the only one for you. Vigorous exercise is highly discouraged when on the HCG program. Get daily walking routines and motivational words with The Walking Plan.

The path to a healthy lifestyle is not complete until exercise has been incorporated. The At Home Fitness Plan is for patients who do not have access to a gym but have some equipment such as dumbbells and a mat at home.

The Beginner Exercise Plan is for those who do not participate in any type of regular exercise. This is a true introductory program that will help ease participants into a regular exercise routine. Ideal for those who have access to a gym or some gym equipment.

Looking for a little more challenge in your exercise routine? The Intermediate Exercise Plan may be the plan for you. Lose weight and tone muscle. Get ready to feel the burn!

Weight loss goal reached. Check. Ready to take your exercise routine to the next level. Check. Have access to a gym. Check. The Advanced Training Program is for you. Push yourself to the next level!


We have an app for that!  The Valley Medical Weight Loss App connects you with your wellness plan in real time. Receive your daily meal plans, exercise routines, lifestyle modification, support and motivation on your phone or mobile device through the Valley Medical Weight Loss App. Click for iOS devices. Click for Android. *Must register through links above to use app. 

App for Valley Medical Weight Loss


Watch this quick tutorial after you have completed your free enrollment. Learn how the wellness portal works and about all the extra features it provides!