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Our New Adenosine Injections to Help You Lose Weight

Looking for a weight loss option that targets fat directly? Adenosine injections target fat and help you lose weight faster

When you start your weight loss journey, you get so much advice about how to make your weight loss happen. You’re told to move more, eat better, sleep earlier, and make time for self-care. It’s a lot to do. And it gets overwhelming.

It’s not that all of this isn’t great advice–it is. But it’s incredibly daunting and even time-consuming advice to adhere to. Especially when you have big weight loss goals and feel like your progress is too slow.

And it’s also the case that many people need more than just that cookie-cutter healthy lifestyle advice to lose weight. There are so many reasons–psychologically, emotionally, socially, and environmentally–that prevent people from being able to lose weight easily. So depending on your personal situation, you may require more assistance and something to kick-start your weight loss plan.

So what kind of assistance can you find to improve your chances of losing weight faster?

Our new adenosine injections help you start making noticeable progress in your weight loss journey.

Adenosine injections are a safe way to melt fat right off your body–and make all your weight loss goals finally seem far more attainable.

Adenosine is actually a naturally occurring molecule that the body produces that helps your body burn fat faster. It actually directly targets the fat cells on your body and encourages those cells to burn the energy stored there.

Which makes this a pretty amazing discovery for anyone with major weight loss goals.

So how does it burn fat cells?

To understand how it works, we first have to talk about types of fat.

What’s the difference between white fat and brown fat? And why does it matter for weight loss?

If you had no idea there are different types of fat, don’t worry, you’re not alone. While this may be more well known in the scientific community, it’s not a fact that makes its way into our regular, everyday conversations about fat loss.

What we do usually hear in our everyday conversations is the dangers of fat. But the thing is no one can be completely fat-free. We need fat to survive. But too much fat is obviously a problem for our health. And according to the scientists who discovered that adenosine could be used for weight loss, some fats are worse than others.

There are at least two types of fat: white fat and brown fat.

White fat cells are what we think of when we are faced with excess weight gain. This is the excess fat that jiggles, produces what’s commonly referred to as “love handles”, and feels out of place on the body. It’s fat that accumulates in too high of a quantity because of a disparity between energy consumed and energy burned every day.

White fat cells are often described as having fat stored in a single large oily droplet that essentially exists on the body and does little else. And these are often considered harder to get rid of.

Then there are brown fat cells. Brown fat cells have more droplets in them, but also have mitochondria that burn up those fat droplets for energy. 

These cells store excess energy and provide needed heat for our bodies. We need that layer of fat. But it’s still possible to accumulate too much fat in these cells and it contributes to weight gain.

Adenosine specifically stimulates the brown fat cells and helps your body burn brown fat faster.

How Adenosine Increases Fat Loss

Adenosine has receptors that activate brown fat cells. This activation rapidly increases fat burning as it prompts your body to use that energy that’s stored in those cells.

Another interesting ability is to manipulate adenosine and white fat cells to encourage the body to burn more than just brown fat cells.

Initially, lab trials found that white fat cells respond to adenosine differently than brown fat cells. The reason is that white fat doesn’t have the right receptors to bind to this molecule. But in early trials with mice, they were able to induce white fat cells to have the receptor that responds to adenosine. So when the mice received the injection, the white fat burned right off just like the brown fat did. This process is called “browning” of white fat.

While you can’t go changing your DNA of your white fat cells, it’s still a fascinating discovery about the powers of adenosine when faced with cells that hold the right receptor it can latch onto.

Adenosine is still incredibly effective at prompting the burning of energy in brown fat cells. The end result is still fat loss and weight loss!

Adenosine Injections

Adenosine is particularly effective when used in combination with other fat-burning molecules.

It’s why we brought in brand new injections that pair adenosine with carnitine, and blends in B12 vitamins for maximal weight loss results.

Carnitine helps your weight loss goals by reducing fatigue, suppressing your appetite, and helping your sustain a healthy metabolism.

And B12 is an essential nutrient that’s essential for metabolizing fats and carbohydrates efficiently. It helps boosts your energy levels and promotes a healthy nervous system.

These injections give you the benefits of weight loss while also staving off the usual sluggishness and distracting hunger that’s typical on a weight loss plan. 

How to get adenosine injections?

When it’s an incredibly difficult task to change your diet, exercise more, and adopt other healthy lifestyle habits, you deserve some assistance to jump-start your weight loss.

This kick-start to your weight loss journey could be just what you need to make all the other healthy lifestyle changes more feasible. Because eating healthy and exercise will always be sound advice for a long and healthy life. But sometimes you need that boost to get your there and start seeing progress.

Make an appointment today to talk to one of our doctors and find out if adenosine is the right choice for you.


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By Jodi Jaffe

October 28, 2020

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