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show yourself some love

Remember to Show Yourself Some Love On Your Weight Loss Journey

How to show yourself some love and appreciation while you get through the toughest times of losing weight. And make it easier to lose the weight you want.

Valentines Day is just around the corner. And while we spend a lot of time thinking about how to show our love to those we care about, it’s also important to take time to show yourself some love.

You’re probably so used to hearing how important it is to be kind to yourself. But how often do you actually treat yourself with the same love and kindness you do others?

We notice that when people are going through a major life change, like working on a weight loss goal, you are even more likely to be extra hard on yourself. Even when you need the positivity and care most.

You may even think that any celebration and feel good about yourself can’t come until after you’ve hit all your weight loss goals. Until then you’re unworthy. 

This is such a common mindset but it’s not one that helps you lose weight. And it doesn’t help you feel good about all the other things going on in your life too. 

So here are some of the best ways to remember to treat yourself with love and respect. To remember that you are worthy of feeling good about who you are.

Even when it’s not almost Valentine’s Day, follow these tips to feel happier with where you’re at and make your weight loss journey feel better.

Stop shaming yourself

Shame into change doesn’t work in the long run.

The reality is, we want to feel good! And if we have a running narrative that we should feel ashamed of ourselves, we’ll find a way around having to feel that way one way or another.

Remember that you aren’t defined by where you’re at on your weight loss journey. 

And that the reason you started losing weight in the first place was to feel good inside and out. To be healthier and improve your longevity. And to finally be able to do all the activities you’ve ever wanted to do. 

So instead of shaming yourself here’s what you can do instead…

Remind yourself of your successes every. single. day.

When someone you care about gets down on themselves, what do you do? 

Do you join in their self-loathing session and agree that they are failures and the absolute worst?

No! Even the thought of doing such a thing is absurd.

So don’t accept that kind of treatment from yourself either.

It’s easy to remember all the times you failed when one thing goes wrong. Even when it’s just a small thing. Because you know you have a long term uphill climb to get to your goal.

But getting stuck in all those negative thoughts won’t help.

So the next time something goes wrong and you catch yourself in the downward spiral of negative thinking, try this instead:

Remind yourself of your three biggest successes. Don’t add caveats or conditions. Don’t overthink and try to diminish your value.

Just list three successes you’ve had on your mission to lose weight that were meaningful to you.

Hold those successes in your mind and remind yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Be proud of yourself!

Keeping a list of your successes and reminding yourself when you feel stuck is just the first step.

You want to really feel proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far.

If you feel proud of yourself, you reinforce in your mind that you can repeat your successes over and over again.

And when feel like you’re already becoming the person you want to be, it becomes so much easier to stick to your plan and make it to your goal.

It’s even been measured that people who feel proud of themselves and believe they can lose weight, actually end up losing more weight.

Take your mind off the scale

Stepping on the scale and not seeing enough progress from week to week starts to feel like a punishment.

But those numbers can be misleading.

A lot of people experience a plateau in their weight loss plans when they combine exercise with their diet. Especially when that exercise is strength training.

The reason you seem to stop losing weight, or even appear to gain weight for a short time, is because when you add strength training, you build muscle.

What you need to know though is that this isn’t harmful weight you’re adding. It’s your body composition changing and you will continue losing fat weight over time.

So always remember that if you’re sticking with your exercise and diet plan, your body is changing. No matter what the scale says.

And I know taking your mind off the scale can be hard. So instead, focus on other changes you’re experiencing like…

  • Increased energy
  • Clothes fitting differently (and maybe even needing some new ones!)
  • Getting through workouts more easily
  • Feeling better on the inside because of the healthier food you’re eating
  • Getting off certain medications 

All of these improvements matter more than the number on the scale.

Surround yourself with positive people

You’ll find it so much easier to stay positive about yourself if you surround yourself with others who have a positive mindset.

The thing about a positive mindset is that it’s something you can gain with practice.

A lot of us are told we’re either positive or negative in our outlook. That it’s a state of being we have and can’t change.

But you can be more positive. And one of the best ways to do that is to surround yourself with positive and supportive people.

The mindset and energy others carry around can be contagious. We all know how just one word, good or bad, can change the course of your day.

So to give yourself the care and love you deserve, make sure you’re spending your time around people who cheer you on and believe in you.

Spending time with others who care about you helps you feel happier and motivated.

Investing in your health is the ultimate way to show yourself some love

When you make time for your health, you show up for yourself in one of the biggest ways that matter.

That means following a nourishing diet and making time for exercise. Because both of these improve your quality of life in measurable ways.

And if you need extra support, then that means working with a weight loss specialist who can coach you through your challenges.

People who have a support network are more likely to lose more weight, so finding extra help is one of the best investments you can make for yourself.

If you’re ready to show yourself some love and get a plan to achieve your weight loss goals, contact us at your closest Valley Medical Weight Loss location. We’re here for you.


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strange weight loss tips

Strange Weight Loss Tips That Work

You probably already know that combining a healthy diet with exercise will help you shed those excess pounds, but is there anything else you can do to speed up the process? The short answer is yes. We scoured over research to find some strange weight loss tips that actually work.

While we’ve heard some of them before, some of them were new to us too. They may seem out of the box at first, but don’t knock ‘em til you try ‘em! You may just end up losing more weight in the end.

When eating out, sit at the end of the table.

This tip was actually from one of the doctors on the show The Doctors and we thought it was a great one. When you’re out with a group of people at a restaurant, the waiter tends to place bread or chip baskets in the middle of the table. Make it a point to sit at the end of the table so it’s more work for you to get to that basket and it’s not sitting right in front of you screaming in your face.

Eat spicy food.

Cayenne pepper helps boost your metabolism, so eating spicy food regularly can actually help promote weight loss. This doesn’t mean dump some cayenne pepper on your plate of chili cheese fries, but consider adding a little kick to your healthy meals.

Eat in front of a mirror.

It may seem vain, but it works. Eating in front of a mirror has been shown to decrease the amount of calories that you take in by nearly 33 percent.

Go for individually wrapped treats.

We generally like to encourage eating fresh, whole foods, but when you do reach for a piece of chocolate or candy, stick to individually wrapped varieties. Research shows that individuals eat 30 percent less candy when they actually had to unwrap each piece first. It’s a lot harder to eat a handful of wrapped candy than it is to pop a handful of M&Ms into your mouth. This is especially relevant with Halloween just a couple weeks away.

Light vanilla-scented candles.

Research shows that the smell of vanilla has been shown to reduce dessert cravings. Instead of reaching for that vanilla ice cream, light a vanilla candle or put a couple capfuls of vanilla extract in a coffee cup in the oven and bake at 300°F for about an hour.

Turn down the lights.

Researchers at Ohio State University did an animal study that found that mice who slept in total darkness – as opposed to dim lights from the television or other electronics – were less prone to obesity than those who snoozed in complete darkness. While we can’t say with 100 percent certainty that these findings translate to humans, it can’t hurt to try!

Shut off the TV.

People who watch less TV during the day tend to burn more calories on average than people who spend more time in front of the television. This may be because you’re forced to do something other than sit, but whatever the reason, it works.

Get a smaller plate.

Another one of our strange weight loss tips is to eat from a smaller plate. When you have a bigger plate, you tend to serve yourself more because you’re trying to fill up that empty space. Save yourself some calories by using smaller plates and bowls. You’ll still be satisfied and you’ll trick your brain into thinking that you ate more than you actually did.

Surround yourself with blue.

Research shows that the color blue acts as an appetite suppressant, so people tend to eat about one-third less when in a blue room. On the other hand, red, yellow, and orange tend to boost appetite. Get yourself a blue tablecloth and a blue tablecloth and you may take in fewer calories.