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Jennifer B.

I have always had a weight problem so after suffering a major knee injury in 2012 and not being able to walk for any great length the weight just piled on. I no longer felt like myself and didn’t like what I was looking at in the mirror. I decided it was time to do something about it and searched around. I have been driving by the Phoenix location for years so I called and then stopped by. The staff are amazing, very welcoming and open and honest. Quite a few members of the staff have used the program and look great. So if it works for them why not me. I started my highest weight in mid April of this year and in mid July I am down 30 lbs. If I continue this rate I should be down my next 30 in time for my nieces wedding in November which is my goal. I feel amazing I have more energy and I’ve decreased the pressure on my knee. At the weight I was I would have needed another knee replacement in 3 years … now I can put that off for another 10 years! That alone is worth its weight in gold…. I feel amazing and it only gets better from here.

By Callie Valko

February 21, 2018