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Marian T.

I called this facility for information, from the start everyone was very friendly. When I walked in, the shop was very clean and bright, open/airy. The weight loss clinic I went to before (in 2014 before my wedding – and the first time I’ve ever gone to a weight loss center) was much different, so I assumed they would all be the same – I was so wrong! I’m hoping to get back on track with the diet plan and information given to me! After leaving with my starter pack and Lipotropic shot (a natural injection – google the amazing benefits) I left feeling motivated!.. it doesn’t hurt that it is nearby and in a convenient location so I can keep track too!  Can’t wait for my weight in next week! Hoping for 30 pounds off so I can get back to my wedding body again!

By Callie Valko

June 20, 2018