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Matthew B.

I have to say I didn’t think this would work, but Jan 15, 2018, I weighed 239.8 lbs by Memorial Day I was bouncing between 200-205 lbs, I took a break for a month, went back in Aug 2018, got to my goal weight of 195 lbs and now a year later I’m 190 lbs, and haven’t been to Valley Medical Weight Loss clinic in 6 months. The staff was always friendly, they didn’t ever give me any hassle if I bounced my weight back up or didn’t come in. They worked with my work schedule. I did the $28.95 a week program, after a couple of months, I was going in every other week splitting my dose in half. If I lost least a pound, I could get 2 weeks worth of medicine. I’m 57 years old and I haven’t been on this side of 200 lbs in 20 years, lol. It works, it helps you change your eating habits, The money I saved on not eating out or eating the the large combination plate and desert, paid for the program, I do know if I fell off the wagon and started gaining a bunch of weight, I could go back and everything would be like i never left. they are good people.

By Callie Valko

July 24, 2019