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Stephanie P.

I took 7 month break after I lost over 25 pounds due to having eye surgery. When I went back to Valley Medical Weight Loss this past week the medical assistant Vanessa came up to me and gave me a hug and said “Welcome back!” She asked about my family and my job! She totally remembered me! And then Irwin, another super great medical assistant saw me and came up to me and hugged me and was just so happy to see me! It felt so nice to be remembered, it made me feel special. I got to see Dr. Woeller (the best doctor EVER) and she took the time to catch up with me. She gave me more great tips on how to stay on track and maximize my results. I mean how great is it to go back to a place where everyone remembers you and are generally happy to see you??!! I love this place and this staff. I’m so happy to be back!

By Callie Valko

May 30, 2018