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Weight Management Basics: What is Obesity?

553916826_667a60c438_zMore than one-third of adults in the United States are estimated to be obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In order to help combat these statistics, it’s important to understand what obesity is. This knowledge not only helps prevent the condition, but also encourages those who are overweight to get the help they need to be healthy.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a health condition caused by developing dangerous amounts of excess fat on the body. In general, the term is used as a label to help individuals and medical professionals assess health. Generally, an adult with a body mass index (BMI) score of 30 or higher is considered obese. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your BMI number is only a general estimate. To fully determine whether or not you’re obese, you’ll need to meet with a weight management professional or physician.

Immediate Effects of Obesity

To answer what is obesity, you need to first look at how the condition affects your body. Obesity makes it difficult to perform even simple daily activities. Excess weight can reduce your mobility and affect important aspects of your life like sleep. Additional weight also places stress on the joints, resulting in ankle, knee and lower back pain and inflammation. Obesity can also cause psychological impacts, reducing your confidence and increasing the risks for anxiety and depression.

Long-term Effects

When left unaddressed, obesity has serious long-term health consequences. Obesity plays a significant role in the development of diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, high cholesterol, gall bladder disease, liver disease, reproductive problems, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and even certain kinds of cancer.

The one light in the fight against obesity is that it’s both preventable and curable. Weight management through the right diet, exercise and general health routine can reverse obesity, as well as helps prevent and reverse the physical side effects of the condition. To learn how you can start your weight loss journey, fill out a new patient form today.

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Does Weight Loss in Phoenix Require Daily Exercise?

8024488694_9acbfa1fe8_zWhen approaching a weight loss Phoenix program, people often assume you can successfully lose weight based off of diet alone. Unfortunately, while a healthy diet is an essential part of losing weight, relying solely on your diet reduces your results and can rob you of other health benefits regular exercise provides. This of course begs the question, “should I exercise everyday?”

Decoding the Benefits of Regular Exercise

When approaching a weight loss plan based on diet, you remove calories from your daily meals to burn more calories than you take in, resulting in the calorie deficit necessary to lose weight. While this is a great start, adding exercise can significantly boost the amount of calories you burn towards that deficit. Exercise also has secondary weight loss benefits. For example, exercise builds muscle. The more muscle tissue you have, the greater your metabolism. Higher metabolism means you burn more calories throughout the day, both while exercising and while at rest. Exercise also helps curb emotional eating, improves mood and dramatically increase your energy level, all factors that can positively impact weight loss.

Calculating Exercise Goals

Each person’s exercise needs and goals are unique. This is one of many reasons to work with a weight loss Phoenix clinic to develop an individual plan. However, the CDC has set out basic guidelines which suggest a starting point of at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise each week, including at least two days of strength training. How you distribute your exercise is up to you or your trainer, whether that means exercising seven days a week or three days a week. Time and intensity can vary depending on your fitness level and goals.

What often trips up potential weight loss success is that every individual is different. Different body types, metabolisms and fitness levels require different methods. Consider increasing your success by including a professional weight loss program with your daily exercise routine. The structure may be just what you need to finally see the results you’ve been looking for.

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Weight Loss Center vs. Self-Weight Loss: Which Should You Choose?

ID-100114042When approaching weight loss, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is whether to try to lose weight on your own or seek out help from a weight loss center. While many people successfully lose weight without help, utilizing a center provides a wide range of benefits, especially if you’ve had trouble losing weight in the past.


One of the primary benefits of using a center over losing weight on your own is guidance. A weight center is staffed with trained professionals who understand the best nutrition, exercise and general weight loss techniques for all different body types, health and fitness levels. Individualized attention protects you from generalized advice found online or in books that may not be correct or even healthy for your individual body type and goals.

Support and Accountability

Overcoming food temptations, and continuing to exercise through sore muscles can make the weight loss process difficult at times. For those who lack support at home, a center can provide the necessary encouragement and support needed to continue through difficult times, as well as provides immediate support when your weight loss plans or methods result in plateaus.

Physician Services

For those with health issues, losing weight can provide unique challenges. Many weight centers are run by doctors or hire staff physicians who specialize in weight loss and weight-related health issues. Whether you need a diabetic-friendly nutrition plan or an exercise routine that’s safe for bad knees, a weight center can provide the individual medical attention you need. Physician support helps prevent injuries, and in cases like diabetes or high blood pressure may even help cure health problems.

In general, working with experienced weight loss professionals who care about your progress and success often results in greater weight loss in a shorter period of time. To hear what others are saying about using a weight loss center to reach their goals, take a look at some of our testimonials.

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Weight Loss in Scottsdale – Indoor Activities to Help You Lose

Fitness ClassesThe weather in Scottsdale is often too hot to get outside and go for a run or play a game of basketball. Luckily, Scottsdale is filled with venues and activities that can be performed indoors while still helping you to lose weight.

Indoor Court Sports

When looking for weight loss Scottsdale activities, one of the most accessible options are games like basketball, volleyball and other activities played on an indoor sports court. Most of these activities provide varying levels of cardiovascular workout while encouraging a little bit of healthy competition at the same time.

Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are a great way to try out new exercise trends that can help you lose weight. If you’re looking for something more traditional, there are other options ranging from spinning to yoga classes. Most facilities offer various classes throughout the day allowing you to more easily fit exercise into your busy schedule.

Indoor Tracks

Just because it’s too hot to run outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t get your regular run in. Indoor running tracks allow you to walk, jog or run on a more realistic surface than your typical treadmill.

Indoor Climbing Walls

For an incredible upper body workout, consider spending a few hours on an indoor climbing wall. Climbing uses the natural resistance of your body weight and gravity to work out your muscles, especially your arms, chest, shoulders, back and core.

Paintball and Laser Quest

If you enjoy playing video games, consider more active activities like paintball or laser quest. Running through the obstacle course, squatting and evading detection all help you burn calories while having fun at the same time.

Beyond keeping you out of the hot Scottsdale sun, these indoor activities provide accessible aerobic and even strength training exercises without you even realizing you’re exercising. When exercise is fun, you’ll be more likely to do it more often. If you’re looking for more weight loss Scottsdale activities and the heat isn’t too strong, you can also try hiking in Scottsdale.

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What Questions Should You Be Asking Your Weight Loss Doctor

A trip to the doctor’s office can feel intimidating, regardless of the reason. However, having a list of questions ready to ask your weight loss doctor can both make you a more involved part of the process, while also ensuring that all your concerns are covered.

Weight Loss Questions to Ask


  • What is My Healthy Goal Weight?The popularity of the body mass index, or BMI, has grown significantly as a way to calculate body fat and estimate a healthy weight. However, the method ultimately provides only a generalized estimate. A weight loss doctor can use more accurate methods to determine a healthy goal weight based off your specific individual body type.
  • How Has My Weight Impacted My Health?Obesity is a contributing factor to an ever growing list of diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer. Understanding how your weight has impacted your health not only helps motivate change, but it also allows for a diet and exercise routine to directly reflect your unique health concerns.
  • How Many Calories?Weight loss depends on creating a calorie deficit by burning more calories than you take in. Eating too many calories may prevent a deficit while too low a calorie goal may negatively impact your metabolism. Your doctor will help calculate the right balance for ultimate calorie burning efficiency.
  • What Types of Exercise and How Often?Your diet is only part of a healthy weight loss plan, with exercise making up the second largest portion. Talk to your doctor about not only how often you need to exercise, but what types of exercises, how to perform them safely and at what intensity level.
  • What Options Do I Have Outside of Diet and Exercise?Many weight loss doctors provide additional services to aid in your weight loss. Talk to your doctor and determine what additional options and services are available to help you reach your goals.

Now that you have your list of questions, simply start filling out a new patient form to get started!

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