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Kybella ® – The First and ONLY Injectable Double Chin Treatment

In 2015, the FDA approved Kybella ®, the only injectable treatment for extra fat underneath the chin – the area lovingly referred to as the “double chin”. Before Kybella ®, there were few options for this area. Aside from weight loss, which didn’t even always address the double chin area, the only other real option was plastic surgery, which many patients shied away from since it required them to go under the knife. Now, you can get rid of your double chin with a simple series of injections.

KybellaPatientPR3BeforeAfter(FrontView) KybellaPatientPRI3BeforeAfter(SideView)

How It Works

Kybella ® contains a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, a molecule that also occurs naturally in the body. As a natural part of your body, deoxycholic acid helps to break down and absorb excess fat from the diet. When injected into the “double chin”, deoxycholic acid destroys the excess fat cells, resulting in a significant reduction in the fullness of the “double chin” area. Even better still, the reduction of these fat cells is for good – meaning that once these cells are destroyed, they can no longer store fat, so further treatment is not generally needed.

How Many Injections Do I Need?

The number of treatment sessions varies from patient to patient, since everyone’s goals are different. Each treatment, or injection, is given about one month apart, and most patients receive six or fewer treatments. The healthcare provider administering Kybella ® will be able to outline a specific treatment plan for you during your consultation.

Important Information

Before receiving Kybella ®, tell your doctor if about any medical conditions or any prescription or over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and supplements you’re taking. It’s also important to let your doctor know if you’ve had any cosmetic treatments on your face, neck, or chin.

The most common side effects of Kybella ® include swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the treatment area. Although rare, some serious side effects, such as nerve injury in the jaw or trouble swallowing, may occur. Discuss all possible side effects with your healthcare provider before receiving Kybella ®.

Busting Botox Myths

VM BotoxWhen it comes to Botox, we’ve heard (and been asked) it all. Botox has become one of the most common cosmetic advancements of the 20th century, but there are still a lot of things that are misunderstood about the procedure. We don’t know how these myths started – or why they persist – but we’re here to clear the air for you.

Botox Makes You Expressionless

One of the most common rumors surrounding Botox is that once you’ve received it, you’ll no longer be able to show any expression, but that’s just not true! Botox doesn’t freeze your face; it relaxes the wrinkle-producing facial muscles at the point of injection. There are several other muscles in your face that are involved in facial movement and you will still be able to display a wide range of facial expressions.

Botox is Toxic

Botox is a protein derived from a toxin called botulinum toxin, which comes from the bacteria that cause botulism food poisoning. In order to get botulism, the bacteria must affect your central nervous system. Botox itself is not only an isolated segment of the bacteria, it stays local at the injection site and doesn’t travel to your nervous system.streaming film Insurgent

While there are some small risks of side effects, Botox is extremely safe. The treatment has a long and well-established safety history that dates back 20 years. Keep in mind that Botox is safest in the hands of a qualified medical professional and at recommended doses.

Stopping Botox Will Make Wrinkles Worse

Some people think that once you start getting Botox, you’ll have to continue getting it forever or your wrinkles will get worse. While you may want to because of how great you’ll look, it isn’t necessary. If you stop getting Botox treatments, your wrinkles will just go back to the way they were before you started the treatments. Martie Gidon – a dermatologist from Toronto – explains that Botox will prevent your wrinkles from getting worse while you keep up with treatments; but when you stop, you will lose the effect of the Botox and your face will resume normal development of wrinkles.

There are also no addictive properties in Botox, so there is no way to become physically addicted to it.

Botox is Permanent

Botox is not permanent. A typical treatment lasts for 3 months before a follow-up is necessary, however, it can appear to last anywhere from 6 to 12 months once patients get used to no longer furrowing their brows.

Lipotropic Injections: Why Loving Fat is a Good Thing

Two of the questions that we get asked a lot are what are lipotropic injections and what can they do for you? Well, we’re glad you asked. We currently offer 3 different types of lipotropic injections. Here’s a quick breakdown of each of them.

What Dolipotropic injectionses Lipotropic Mean?

Before we get into the types of injections we offer, let’s discuss the term “lipotropic”. Lipotropic literally means “fat-loving” which doesn’t sound like something you want when it comes to weight loss, but don’t let the translation fool you – you do want it. Lipotropics are substances that have the ability to liquefy fats. They help decrease fat deposits and speed up the removal of fats from the liver, which ultimately translates to weight loss. Lipotropics are most effective when combined with a calorie-controlled diet.


Lipo-B is a lipotropic injection that contains 3 types of lipotropics – choline, inositol, and methionine – as well as a combination of the B vitamins 5, 6, and 12. Choline is important for brain and nerve function, liver metabolism, and the transport of nutrients throughout the body. Many people are deficient in choline, which tends to cause weight gain. Inositol is a little known member of the vitamin B-complex family. Inositol helps prevent the buildup and accumulation of fat and helps break down fatty acids. It has also been shown to increase mood. Methionine supports healthy growth and metabolism and has been shown to prevent excess fat in the liver and body and decrease inflammation. The B vitamins support the metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids and help increase your energy levels.

Lipo Excel

Lipo Excel injections are similar to Lipo-B injections, but they work even faster. In addition to the ingredients found in Lipo-B, Lipo Excel injections contain Adenosine. Adenosine, which also occurs naturally in the body, helps promote weight loss while also increasing energy, improving mood, and boosting metabolism.

Lipo Blast

Lipo Blast contains all of the ingredients in Lipo-B with the benefit of added B vitamins. In addition to vitamins B-5, B-6, and B-12, Lipo Blast contains vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3, and B-7. These B vitamins provide more metabolic support, increase energy, and help you break down fat even more effectively.

Advantages of Injections over Pills

Although all of these components are available in oral supplement form, there are some MAJOR advantages to getting injections. One of the biggest advantages is increased absorption. When you take a pill orally, it has to travel through your digestive system and into your stomach and small intestines, where it is broken down and then finally reaches your bloodstream. Unfortunately, this whole process impairs absorption so you’re not really getting as much of the supplement as you think you are. When you get an injection, you bypass the entire digestive system so absorption is quicker and more efficient. Another benefit is that injections tend to last longer, so you don’t need to get them as frequently as you would need to take pills.

If lipotropic injections sound like something you may be interested in, give us a call at any of our locations. We would be happy to talk to you and answer any of your questions. If you’re already sold, come on in and see us whenever is convenient for you! No appointments necessary.

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Turn Back Time with Juvederm® XC

Juvederm® XC targets the lines around the nose and mouth.
Juvederm® XC targets the lines around the nose and mouth.

It wouldn’t be right to talk about Botox® without also discussing Juvederm® XC, which picks up where Botox® leaves off. While Botox® is most effective on crow’s feet and the frown lines on your forehead, Juvederm® XC is generally used around the nose and the mouth – especially the areas on the side of the mouth lovingly nicknamed “parentheses lines”.

How Juvederm® Works

As you age, your face naturally begins to lose volume. As a result, your skin starts to sag and eventually you’re left with visible folds and wrinkles. The same thing also happens when you lose weight. Juvederm® XC, which is a gel made of hyaluronic acid, is used to correct these wrinkles. Your doctor will inject the gel into the areas that have lost volume literally filling in empty spaces to reduce the appearance of deep facial wrinkles and folds. Because of the way it works, Juvederm® XC is categorized as a filler.

What To Expect

As with Botox®, getting Juvederm® XC injections only requires a quick, in-office procedure with little to no recovery time. You can get in and out in the time it would take to grab some lunch down the street. The results are instantaneous – you’ll notice a difference as soon as your appointment is over. Better yet, a single Juvederm® XC treatment lasts up to one year, so there is little to no maintenance involved. In fact, Juvederm® XC is the only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler that lasts that long.

What Else Should I Know?

You may experience some side effects after getting Juvederm® XC, but in most cases, these side effects are mild to moderate and last only 7 days or less. The most commonly reported side effects are pain or tenderness at the injection site, redness, and swelling. As always, our priority is to make you feel comfortable and confident. We encourage you to reach out to us to ask any questions you have about Juvederm® XC and what it can do for you.

Banishing Those Wrinkles with Botox®

faceAt Valley Medical Weight Loss, we believe that looking your best is a big part of what makes you feel your best. And when you feel your best, you’re able to face the world with more poise and confidence. That is why we offer non-surgical injections, like Botox® Cosmetic, in addition to our weight loss programs. Botox® is probably not a new name for you, but do you know exactly what it is and what it can do for you and your skin? If not, keep reading.

Let’s Start with Wrinkles

To understand how Botox® works, it’s important that you understand how wrinkles form in the first place. It’s really a combination of factors – damage from free radicals, decreasing amounts of collagen – the protein that keeps your skin springy and supple, changes in cellular structure, and making the same expression over and over again. When you frown or smile or you’re deep in thought, certain muscles contract and certain areas of your skin crease and fold in response. Over time, these creases and folds start to stick around and you’re left with fine lines and wrinkles. While Botox® can’t address the external factors that cause lines and wrinkles, it can target the muscle activity that contributes to them.

How Botox® Works

Botox® works by reducing the activity of the underlying muscles that cause your skin to crease and fold. It does this by blocking the signal from the nerves to the muscle. When nerve signaling is reduced, the muscles relax and soften. This translates to fewer lines and wrinkles and a younger-looking appearance. You’ll generally begin to see the results within one to two days following the procedure, but the most noticeable difference in your appearance tends to come after 30 days. Because Botox is non-surgical, treatments are quick – each treatment lasts approximately 10 to 20 minutes and requires no recovery time. That is why this type of procedure is often nicknamed “a lunchtime procedure”. You can get in and out in the amount of time it would take you to go down the street for a salad. The results of Botox typically last up to four months.

What Else Should I Know?

Botox is most effective for crow’s feet and frown lines. Since every individual is unique and every face is different, your treatment will vary based on you as an individual. Your physician will discuss your treatment plan with you before administering any injections and make sure you’re comfortable with the recommendations and all your questions are answered. A typical treatment may include 5 injections into your forehead muscles and 3 into each of the muscles that surround your eye.

Ask Away!

Our number one goal is to make you feel confident and comfortable. If you’re interested in learning more about Botox or want to know what we can do for you specifically, please give us a call or stop into one of our clinics. You don’t have to make an appointment; just come on in and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.