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The Three Bite Rule: Indulging While Losing Weight

VM cakeTake a minute to sit and think about this for a second. When you eat something – whether it’s a piece of cake, a slice of pizza, or some cheese and crackers – which bite or bites taste the best? Is it the 24th bite? The 100th bite? The 4th slice of pizza? No. Usually, it’s the first bite. Maybe even the first, second, and third. Yet, when we decide to treat ourselves, we tend to completely overdo it.

Instead of lightly giving in to temptations and cravings, we dive in headfirst until we’re surrounded by an empty bag of chips or a whole sleeve of cookies gone, even though we’re probably not enjoying every bite like we should be. At Valley Medical, we’re all about moderation and allowing a treat here or there and we’re going to share a method that works well for us and many of our clients. It’s called “the three bite rule”.

The rule is simple. If you decide to eat something that’s off your diet plan, eat only three bites. Savor each bite. Chew slowly. Turn off all distractions around you and pay attention to how delicious each bite is. You’ll notice that when you take the time to slow down and eat mindfully, your cravings are satisfied more easily than if you were eat distractedly. The first bite is usually the most delicious. The second bite is also good, but it doesn’t have that “mmmm” factor that the first bite has. By the third bite, you’ve already experienced the flavor and the excitement starts to decline.

Now let’s clarify something here, we’re not saying to do this all day. Calories still add up and if you’re having three bites of this here and three bites of that there, it could stall your weight loss goals. What we’re saying is, when it’s time for a treat – say you’re out to dinner and your favorite dessert is on the menu or you had a healthy dinner and that ice cream in the freezer is calling your name – only have three bites of whatever it is that you want and then put down the fork (or spoon).

You’ll be able to treat yourself without completely sabotaging your goals. What do you think? Have you tried the three bite rule? Are you planning to now? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment on our Facebook page.

Curb Your Cravings with Crave-Away

Each month at Valley Medical, we run a monthly special that includes 4 weeks of everything you see below for just $295.

Physician Consult & Weekly Weigh-ins
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In addition to everything listed, the monthly special also includes a FREE supplement, which changes each month. Every month, we do a blog post highlighting the special supplement of the month and what it can do for you; but we thought it would be a good idea to also explain in detail all of the other things consistently offered in our monthly special. This month, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on our Crave-Away supplement.

As you’ve probably already inferred from the name, the Crave-Away supplement helps reduce cravings – specifically cravings for sweets, carbohydrates, and alcohol.*

It also contains a combination of amino acids and vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin B3, B5, and B6) that work synergistically to help boost weight loss.*

In addition to curbing cravings and boosting weight loss, Crave-Away also helps:

  • Suppress appetite*
  • Aid in muscle repair*
  • Enhance insulin metabolism*
  • Reduce anxiety*
  • Boost brain function*
  • Increase fat loss*
  • Reduce pain*
  • Enhance calcium absorption*
  • Regulate mood*
  • Increase adrenaline production*

Crave-Away supplements are typically taken once or twice per day with lunch and dinner and a full glass of water.

While most people do not experience any side effects from taking Crave-Away, there are some individuals who should not take the supplement. For a list of contradictions and more information about Crave-Away side effects, click here.

If you have any questions about Crave-Away or you want to take advantage of our monthly special, contact us TODAY!

DISCLAIMER * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Weight Loss: The How Versus The Why

VM Motivation PicWhen starting a weight loss journey, a lot of focus is placed on the “how”. How am I going to lose weight? What am I going to eat? How many times per week am I going to exercise? How many times a week am I going to visit Valley Medical to get the results I want?

All of these “hows” can become overwhelming and in them, you tend to lose sight of the “why”. WHY am I starting this weight loss journey? WHY is it important to lose weight?  If you’re feeling frustrated with where you’re at, take a look at what you’re focusing on. Is it the “how” or the “why”? If it’s the “how”, maybe it’s time to shift your focus to get things into perspective.

We’re willing to bet that you have a very significant reason for wanting to lose weight. Maybe you just feel uncomfortable in your skin. Maybe you’ve developed a weight-related health problem that you’re looking to get under control. Maybe your goal is to just FEEL healthy – and you know that eating right, exercising regularly, energy-boosting supplements, and some weight loss will help get you there. Whatever your reason – that’s the thing that sparked that initial motivation in you. At some point you said, enough is enough and you felt the drive to take the changes that you need to take to get there.

Now somewhere along the way, that drive and motivation have given way to the semantics – or the “how” – how you’re actually going to lose the weight. While this is important, it can get overwhelming. The simple rule is this: all you have to do to lose weight is focus on eating clean foods, controlling your portion sizes, and getting active. It sounds simple – and it can be – but we tend to over-complicate it. Don’t think past the now. Focus on one meal at a time, not the next two weeks or four months or year. When you start doing that, motivation can morph into frustration.

Every morning when you wake up, instead of thinking about what you’re going to have for breakfast or how you’re going to fit your workout in that day, focus on why you started this in the first place. Say “Every day, I’m getting closer to feeling more comfortable in my own skin” or “I’m doing this for my health – and for my family”. When you start shifting your perspective from the “how” to the “why”, it’s easier to sustain that motivation and dedication that got you started.

Product of the Month! Metasol ™ Low-Molecular-Weight Lychee Polyphenol (Oligonol®)

It’s a NEW month, so you know what that means – a new product to go along with our monthly special, which includes:

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And for June: Metasol™ Low-Molecular-Weight Lychee Polyphenol (Oligonol®)!


With this special you receive 4 WEEKS of everything listed above for only $295 (that’s a savings of over $200) – and we’ll throw in the Metasol™ for FREE!

Metasol™ is a low molecular weight polyphenol that helps boost your metabolism. The low molecular weight makes the polyphenols in Metasol™ easier to absorb. In fact, Metasol™ has been shown to be five times more bio-available than other polyphenol supplements.

A published, randomized, double-blind human clinical trial lasting 10 weeks found that compared to placebo, taking 200mg of Oligonol daily:

  • Reduced visceral fat volume by 15%*
  • Shrank waist circumference by 3 centimeters*
  • Caused a significant reduction in body weight*
  • Increased sensitivity to insulin*

The main ingredient in Metasol™ is an Oligonol Proprietary Blend which is derived from lychee fruit extract and green tea extract.

Learn more about Metasol™ here.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this special offer and signing up for our monthly special, drop in or call us at either one of our locations to find out more!

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease or medical condition.

Be Nice to Yourself: Self-Compassion and Weight Loss

love yourselfWould you look at your best friend and tell her that she’s not good enough? Not pretty enough? Not thin enough? Would you tell your mom or sister or cousin that she’s terrible for veering off of her “diet” and that she should beat herself up over it and get lost in the guilt? No? Then why do you do it to yourself?

We tend to be harder on ourselves than other people. We give others compassion and understanding, but yet we berate ourselves and talk down to ourselves for every “mistake” that we make. This behavior is self-destructive in all aspects of your life – and weight loss is no different.

Beating yourself up after overeating not only derails your progress, it can be downright harmful to your self-esteem and self-worth. On the other hand, being kinder to yourself can actually lead to longer lasting habit changes for several reasons.

When you speak kindly to yourself, it helps create feelings of worthiness, which then translates to enthusiasm and motivation. Also, change tends to come more easily when you’re in a place of self-acceptance. You may not be exactly where you want to be weight-wise right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t accept yourself for where you are – and work to get to where you want to be.

Self-compassion is not something that happens overnight. Like any other habit, it gets time to get used to. You have to practice to solidify the habit and make it something that comes naturally. When you find that you’re starting to talk negatively to or about yourself, take a deep breath and remember these tips.

  1. Change negative to positive. If you eat a cookie or veer off your diet plan, don’t say things like “I cheated” or “I can’t believe I ate that”. Instead, replace that negativity with positive words that act as support and encouragement. You can say something like “I made a choice to eat that cookie, but that’s okay. It didn’t ruin my whole day and I’m going to get right back on track.”
  2. Focus on progress, not perfection. You’ve probably heard this one before, but do you do it? You’re not going to change your entire lifestyle overnight, but no one expects you to. Every little change is a step in the right direction. Eventually, these little changes add up and you find that you’ve changed your lifestyle in major ways. Celebrate every little victory. Did you skip dessert? Celebrate! Did you incorporate a workout in your day? Celebrate! Did you drink enough water? Celebrate! Every health choice you make deserves positive reinforcement.
  3. Recognize – and accept – your vulnerabilities. Everyone is vulnerable at some point. It doesn’t make you weak. In fact, recognizing, and accepting, your vulnerabilities makes you strong. Take note of when you’re more inclined to make unhealthy choices. Is it when you’re stressed out or feeling sad? Is it in social settings? Recognize these scenarios and tell yourself that it’s okay, but work to figure out what can prevent the self-sabotage. When you’re stressed, try calling a friend and talking for 10 to 20 minutes instead of reaching for that bag of chips. Or come see us! Our team is made up several wonderful people that are here to support you.