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Immune Booster

Immune Booster-Fight the flu and cold naturally this season.

  • A homeopathic alternative or complement to the traditional flu vaccine.

  • Enhances support of the defense system / Reduces severity of cold and flu symptoms / Reduces recovery time

  • Our Amazing Immune-fighting combo

Immune Booster Pricing: $24.95

Happy healthy family of 4 smiling
“These shots are a life saver! When I feel the onset of a cold or flu, I stop by for an Immune Booster. I find the quicker I get in, the better. I grab an extra for the following day. Truly amazing! “ -Tara F

Immune Booster with Engystol®

Engystol is an all-natural homeopathic remedy that is given as an injection once a month as a preventative for flu season or at onset of flu or cold to speed up recovery. It has scientifically proven anti-viral activity and is effective in treating and preventing viruses such as influenza, herpes simplex-1, rhinovirus, and RSV. Studies have demonstrated that Engystol® improves white blood cells by 33%!
ReBoost™ tabs help reduce the symptoms of flu/cold. This aids in the temporaray relief of minor cold and flu symptoms such as body aches, fatigue and headaches. ReBoost™ tabs work on multiple flu and cold systems and strengthen your body’s natural immune defenses.
Immune booster + ReBoost™ is well tolerated, suitable for long-term treatment and compatible with conventional medications.
Safe and effective for the entire family.*
*Pregnant or breast-feeding mothers should not receive Engystol®. Safe for children over 7 as well as the elderly.

DISCLAIMER: *These are pharmaceutical grade injections. The above information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any injections or products provided by Valley Medical Weight Loss are to be used along with our physician’s complete program.