2015 I started here at 318 pounds. I left then I returned I’m 190. My goal 140. This company has been in weight loss business for a while. I trust that I'll get the support that I need. They take walk ins and are attentive to my needs and listened to me and saw my history. The Doctor was understanding and guided me to the point which I loved. I like Doctors that actually listen. Thank you for supporting me. I'll share my start and progress soon as I get results that show. I save the last Star for my finish result.

Desiree W.

Honestly this place works if you put in the effort! I started in 2019 and lost 30-50 pounds over the course of 6-10 months! I got to a spot where I felt comfortable in my own skin thanks to the basic program they offered along with some b12 shots. I started at like 205-210 and by the end was around 155-165. Covid messed my routine up and I plan on restarting with them because they work for me! Plus the ladies that work at the place are kind and friendly!

Vincent V.

Thanks to Valley Medical Weight loss I was able to get those stubborn pounds off, I highly recommend Semaglutide and if you want to avoid most all side effects do Tirzepatide.

Kelly R.

I highly recommend Valley Medical Weight Loss! My life has changed for the better due to this amazing place!

Carissa R.

I love Valley Medical Weight Loss! Staff is super nice and helpful. They hold me accountable and make sure I stay on track. I always go on my lunch break and they have me in and out. 5 stars!!!

Jacqueline W.

I absolutely love this place! The staff is amazing and kind and so motivating. The wait time is never too bad. I also have a fear of needles but they always make it so easy for me.

Samantha B.

Valley Medical Weight Loss Was my saving grace! Even though I work for a prestigious, medical corporation, our health benefits, do not cover Injectable weight loss medications. Valley Medical Weight Loss has very affordable pricing and I have already lost 21 pounds in a matter of eight weeks! Thank you Valley Medical Weight Loss for all of your help!

Nickie B.

On my 12th week of a GLP1 injection and B12, and down over 20 pounds with little side effects but much more confidence. After various attempts at weight loss, I’m so grateful to finally found something that works. I haven’t really made many lifestyle adjustments but would probably lose more if I did. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The injections are very affordable compared to other prices in the area or even online. I come weekly but there is an option to take medications home and the price is even more discounted. Additionally they have expanded the office to accommodate more clients and shorten wait times! If you’re thinking about visiting here, do it! Best decision I’ve ever made. Thanks so much Valley Medical!

Victoria C.

The semaglutide program really works. I have been doing it two and a half months and have already lost 30 lbs. I go to two different locations. Depending on what area I'm in the day I need my injections. Jessica from the 24th Street location is always so friendly and I just love all the encouragement she gives me.

Michelle N.

I have been coming here for about 2yrs this place done help me out on my weight goals. Great service and the staff are great. Great place to start your weight goals.

Tyisha P.

Efficient and friendly staff. They have been on the move and the wait isn’t as bad. Great job!

Lydia G.

Great staff and prompt service. Glad I found them as I needed B12 supplements! Thanks Valley Medical team! Fabiola provides good care, always courteous, and attends to any questions in a kind way.

Bhavna D.

Great office, great staff, great service! Everyone is very friendly and is always happy to help. Even when the lobby is packed full of people, they work together to get everyone in and out in a very timely manner! I’m currently on week 5 of the semaglutide weekly program and am loving my results! Down almost 20 pounds since the start of my weight loss journey and excited to see how much more I can lose. Their team is always supporting me and cheering me on along the way. Love the Glendale office!

Amber H.

Just started going here and I loved it, they are easy going and it feels relaxed, they are knowledgeable and help a lot with questions and concerns.

Sarina S.

I visited the clinic a few days ago to get injections. I must say the staff is great, especially Alexis goes above and beyond to make the client feel good she is amazing!! I highly recommend them for all your weight loss needs.

Lorena S.

I visit this this location every Monday. I saw José last Monday and he was amazing. Very professional. He asked me how I was doing and if I had any questions. I have had great results and highly recommend this location.

Rosemary L.

It’s an amazing place! People are great, very helpful, and I have lost 15 lbs. I’m very happy with everything they do!

Amy C.

The staff is always very professional and nice. I feel comfortable there, the prices are fair, and their services work.

Edie D.

I love valley medical. I have been coming to them about 2 years now on and off as life happens. (West valley location). The customer service is wonderful and the staff are knowledgeable. They don't try and sell you unnecessary stuff for weight loss. I highly recommend it!

Teresa W.

I’m truly amazed with my results. Since I’ve started going, I’m down 42lbs and could not be happier.

Rae P.

Great service. I been on the semaglutide program for 2 months and I lost 20 pounds. I would highly recommend this place.

Selina R.

Everyone here has been so nice and helpful, I tell all my friends about this place and I’ll never go anywhere else, and it takes me 50 minutes to get there! My weight loss is great as long as I listen to my body telling me I’m full. Sometimes I’m a little stubborn but I am losing ! Woohoo

Robbie R.

I have been coming here for a couple of years now, everyone here is so good, very pleasant. They are always busy on Saturday's and are very organized and handle the customers so professionally. I buy the supplements, did laser lipo with Luz and have now lost over 100 lbs and got me in the gym more regularly. I love Luz she's a sweetheart so polite and friendly, Jose is such a pleasure and professional. Thank you for all you do here, so efficient and it works!!

Gina C.

I like this place so far. Alexis, is the best! She educates and is patient with all of your questions. She is very knowledgeable and willing to listen to what is best for you!! I will only work with her. She has really motivated me!

Trasi F.

I’ve been doing the premier program at Valley Medical Weight Loss for two months now and I’m already down 20 pounds! Not only do I love the products I get but also love the whole clinic team in Tempe! They are always so helpful and efficient!

Kaitlyn S.

I have been on the semaglutide for at least 6 weeks, and I have lost 16lbs ! I'm very happy with My results and I feel great. I also wanted to mentioned how great everyone is.

Alberto H.

I have been going to the valley weight loss center since March 21, 2023 in the first 10 weeks I lost 21 pounds. I'm on a break right now but next week I plan on going back on the program it has been great! Everybody has been wonderful. From the front desk to the doctor to the nurses I especially want to say a shout out to Maira. I'm the kind of person that has to know all the details and I ask a lot of questions and I've been lucky enough to get her many times, and she has such patience and such knowledge in answering all my questions. I've tried all kinds of diets before just could not stick to them. The weight wasn't coming off very fast enough for me. so I did the shots of Semaglutide. That's the only way to go! I was losing 3 to 4 pounds a week. On a low carb no sugar diet.

Kathlene P.

Ayarra Ayarra girlfriend thank you so much for pumping me up and motivating me each time I come in....I love the fact that she's friendly and super fast. Her smile is everything...I want to THANK YOU VERY MUCH girlfriend 💕

Randy S.

My girl AYARRA is THEE BEST is the only reason I come back…motivates you and gass you up to loose more weight….I LOVE 💗 HER so ask for AYARRA when you go

Julia A.

I love this place! Ive lost 12 lbs and only been going for 3 weeks, amazing staff, clean office, and so many options to find what works best for your body. 15/10 recommend!

Laura H.

Amazing results and great customer service. If you need help with you weight loss jouney you need to go here. I've lost 10.8 since March 18th. 😍😍😍

Deborah E.

I love coming in every time. They are so sweet and so caring. The staff make it such a warm and welcoming environment. Anytime I have questions they answer with no problem and take the time to listen. The medication really helps and makes me feel more energetic and so much better. I am not to my goal weight yet but I get closer every week. I am down well over 20 pounds now and I started my first week was April 1st 2023, so in 2 months that’s amazing! Lastly pricing is so good I thought it was to good to be true, but no it is not their prices are low and great when budgeting! First one is now second one is before. I’ve lost most my stomach and some legs!

Sarah H.

Aquí con la Lilly, from the start Lilly was the first person to motivate my mom and I to start our weight loss journey by providing us with the needed information the first time we stopped by the office. She’s always welcoming at the front and great person in general. Along with Ayarra (medical assistant), I usually go to her for my weekly visits and from the start she has been super friendly, informative and awesome! Thank you!!

Em B.

I Love Valley Medical Weight Loss Center of Tempe AZ. I have lost 45 pounds in 5 months with there awesome weight loss plan. Thank You For such A Great weight loss plan !!

Katima C.

Great place to jump start your weight loss journey. I was able to loose 20 lbs within just 4 months after starting!

Andrea P

I’ve been going to Valley medical weight loss in Tempe for two months now and the result of an amazing! I’ve been taking the semaglutide , and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The staff is so helpful and friendly. I would recommend them if you are interested in setting and achieving your weight loss goals. I’ve lost 24 pounds!

Ciandra B.

I see Dr. Kieffer regularly for both hormone therapy as well as injectables. Both she and her assistant Heiley are friendly, professional and courteous. Dr. Kieffer is full of knowledge about all of the newest treatments. I’d highly recommend that anyone interested in hormone therapy, Botox or filler see Dr. Kieffer.


I am so glad I was referred by my friend to this place. Ayarra was so nice. Informative and gave me all the options. I have been using the Semaglutide and have been seeing results already. If you are on the fence, go ahead and check it out. You will be glad you did.

Tina C.

I am still on my weight loss journey. So far, I am very happy with the results. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and I am excited to reach my goal.

Paula T.

I absolutely LOVE all the services I have gotten at Valley Medical, the staff is so kind and professional and I highly recommend Nurse ReAya as well, she’s a great listener and has an amazing aesthetic eye. She does amazing work and I wouldn’t hesitate to book an appointment with her. Thank you so much!

Kristina L.

They are knowledgeable, efficient, and the program works. I am doing SEMAGLUTIDE weekly injections.

Joyce C.

I have been going here for years. I seen ReAya Michale RN for the first time a couple weeks ago and , WOW! What an amazing job. I had my lips and Botox done. I love how my lips turned out and the Botox took off 10 years. Recommend 100%

Christa S.

First time having Botox and ReAya and staff have been excellent and friendly. definitely returning!

Sonia M.

Excellent customer service. ReAya Michale was great! Loved my Botox results! I highly recommend this location.

Edilia A.

Ruby O. is the best and always helpful. She’s always positive and very informative! Always giving alternatives and other methods of healthy ways of dieting and medications.

Michelle E.

I love valley medical weight loss they really changed my life I tried many diet programs and this is the first one to actually show results and has me being a regular costumer I recommend this to anybody interested in weight loss

Amanda R.

Nurse ReAya is great! She’s very detailed and I like the services she offers in aesthetics. I highly recommend.

Siria P.

Dr. Cornman has been a good communicator and responsive to my needs. The medical assistants and front office staff are friendly and professional. Paulina has always found the least prickly places for my injections. Something I am grateful for. The injections performed by other medical assisants have not been so bad, given my phobia of needles.

Robert M.

Love Love!! This place they have help me reach my 1st goal and now on my 2nd! Ayarra & Rose! Are the BEST they are so friendly and love to hear the life events you go thru during the week! ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!!

Ayesha W.

ReAya is absolutely phenomenal. I went to her for dermal filler and I am beyond ecstatic! She goes above and beyond to explain the process and makes sure you are 1000% comfortable. She has a wealth of information and I couldn’t be happier with the services she provided for me. You can absolutely see that she is so passionate about her work and truly loves what she does. ReAya is so amazing!!! Thank you 🙂

Linette B.

This place is great, the staff are really friendly and well informed. I lost 40 pounds in a month and a half going here!

Azi R.

I started coming here when I first began my weight loss journey 2 yrs. Valley weight loss helped me loose my first 50 pounds!!!!! Amazing staff and the process to get started is so easy!

Fatima C.

Amazing, I love all the resources I’m being given to ensure my weight loss journey is a success. The girls in the office are amazing especially, Ayarra she’s so encouraging, positive, and knowledgeable about how to keep me focused on my goals. Thank you so much for helping me change my lifestyle. I’m looking forward to my future again!!

Donna B.

Jensy was so kind 😊 I was a little nervous but she made me feel calm definitely would recommend it. The entire staff is so fantastic. They don’t like to see their patients waiting. The time frame was so fast, in & out I went.

Channah M.

Valley Medical has helped me so much with maintaining all my long-term weight loss goals. The Drs were very nice and gave me a lot of food suggestions to eat and stay away from. Rose and the two girls at the front desk were so nice and made me feel very welcome on my first visit. I have recommended Valley Medical to 3 of my friends already.

Amanda S.

I love this place. It makes you feel so comfortable. Paulina and Rose were so kind. Mari and Ana are great at making me feel taken care of.

Yolanda S.

Happy I found this clinic, the medical assistant Emily was so extremely help. She was so kind and patient with all my questions and so informative. The whole staff was friendly and kind.

Rebekah S.

I tried Botox for my first time with ReAya and I am so glad I did! Procedure was quick, easy, and completely painless. I did not have any bruising or side effects following the procedure. I started seeing results in a couple of days. ReAya personalized my treatment plan as to not have drastic results; I wanted a subtle decrease in my frown lines and she gave me exactly that! I recommend consulting with ReAya for any person who is considering aesthetics for the first time; she is knowledgeable, professional, and will take the time to answer all your questions.

Jaclyn C.

Heidi is amazing! Medical assistant was knowledgeable about products and helped me understand what I need to do to help control some of my weight loss issues. I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER LEAVING THIS PLACE THAN I DID TODAY! HEIDI YOU ARE THE BOMB GIRL! THANK YOU😁😁😁😁😁

Kerri A.

Love the Lipo Laser. Been on this journey since late June. I have lost 28 lbs. My husband and I love everyone here.

Amy W.

Ayarra is amazing. She always takes her time to be involved in my process. I’ve been coming here for over a year and have lost and kept off over 50 lbs.

Nicole R.

Great experience so far! I was working so hard and only lost like 2 pounds in a year. My sister and I decided to try this place out and I’ve lost 10 pounds in the past month!! I honestly wanted to cry seeing the results and we just started. The ladies who work there are supportive and kind. So happy we found this place!

Talia J.

I was skeptical yes, but upon entering the facility I was greeted with a smile and excellent customer service. This made me feel welcomed and at ease. I was recommended by a good friend and I’m glad I listened and took the time to come in. The new patient forms are super easy to fill out and the wait time is not long at all. JENSY was very knowledgeable, patient, friendly and most importantly willing to engage with all my concerns and questions. Never did I feel like I was just another credit card number. Her level of customer service is by far the best I’ve have while visiting a facility such as this one. Dr. Jatta is amazing and took the time to steer me in the right path to reach my goal weight. I HIGHLY AND TRULY RECOMMEND VALLEY MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS!!

Selvyn M.

I moved here to AZ from CA in June of this year for health reasons. I had gained a lot of weight because of my health, problems and was really depressed. My friend recommended I try out Valley Medical Weight loss cause she was doing it and had lost 40lbs and there was a Groupon so I thought why not I have nothing to lose. My cousin and I decided to do it together. Well needless to say we are hooked. We love it here, especially my nurse Ayarra she is always so sweet, professional, and most of all encouraging. I have lost about 50lbs and I feel great and look forward to losing more as I have a lot to lose but I am so grateful I found them as an alternative to surgery. Well worth the money and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else, everyone is absolutely amazing there and I truly enjoy/look forward to going each week. I don’t have a full body pic but you can tell from the pic below how much thinner my face is… I am beyond grateful!

Jenn P.

I visited the Valley Medical Weight Loss office located in Phoenix yesterday. My experience from beginning to end was great. The girls at the front desk were friendly & efficient. The office was clean & well organized. Dr Julie Keiffer & her assistant, Heiley Hernandez were a great team. They made me feel at home. They both explained the process & answered all my questions. The chemical peel I went in for was great & pricing is excellent I highly recommend this office & their staff for all your beauty needs

Leticia C.

It was great working with Ayarra she was able to give me some extra information that it can help me with my Journey weight loss she was amazing thank you!!

Angelica G.

Ayarra has been great! And has given me plenty of great tips to continue my weight loss!

Jessica D.

Valley medical offers a variety of great services from weight loss to aesthetics treatment. My experience has been awesome, staff is pleasant and knowledgeable. I got a vampire facelift w/ volume by ReAya Michale. The process is painless and the results are apparent. I had heavy bags under my eyes, the voluma really help to restore and reduce the tired appearance. PRP reduced discoloration. Overall I am extremely happy with the results. I highly recommend.

Shamira C.

I loved coming here. As soon as I walked in the door the staff was very kind and friendly. Ayarra was the one to help me with most of the things that I needed that day. She was awesome! She answered all of my questions and was very helpful. I high recommend this weight loss center to everyone.

Kelsie R.

I’ve been looking for a place, a program and people that would really help me to lose weight. I was devastated back in the first week of July to see my weight reached 180lbs. I found this place in Google and it truly creates magic every single week. I always come back here happy and satisfied. This is my 6th week on the program. I’m now down to 158.4lbs and I can’t wait to see my weight constantly going down and down until I achieve my ideal goal. It was a billion percent worth every bit of it for me. I highly recommend this place! 😊

Kay M.

Absolutely best place for lip fillers – Nurse Reaya (sorry if I misspelled it, queen!) is, hands-down, the best. She made me feel so comfortable, was extremely professional and gentle and I’ve gotten nothing but compliments since. Also shout-out to the front desk staff as well — always so sweet and bubbly! Just overall the best spot 🙂

Lindsey R.

Claudia was very friendly and very informative! Front desk welcomed me in by holding the door. Very great customer service! 🤞🏻

Alizer W.

The staff is very professional and friendly especially Reaya, she made me feel at ease and comfortable with the treatment. I would highly recommend this place.

Carolina O.

Valley Medical Weight Loss, offered a variety of services for weight loss. I cannot wait to begin my journey, I went there this week and Estelle assisted me she was so professional, personable, and very informative regarding the injections and vitamins the body needs. I would recommend anyone try it out to drop those stubborn pounds before/ and after Covid confinement.


It’s only been 2 weeks but already have lost weight and feeling better already. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They are quick and efficient and in and out pretty quickly. Estelle was my medical assistant today. She was very nice and knowledgeable and B12 injection was painless and went very smooth. The doctors are helpful and flexible as far as finding the best plan and meds that work for you.

Natalie T.

I have Ayarra as my medical assistant when I do my weekly weigh in and she’s absolutely supportive, kind and excited every time we’ve met. She’s been a great help in my journey. 10/10 highly recommend.

Angel R.

OMG….The manager at VMWL at Tempe is amazing. I highly recommend to go see Dr. Woeller she’s an expert with medical weight loss treatments.

Mulan M.

I’m very impressed with the service and friendly demeanor of the staff members. I’ve lost 20 pounds and have some more to go. I always request to see Ayarra because she’s motivating, honest, and fun! I have scale-o-phobia, but she actually makes it doable! I always leave feeling better than when I came in. I can highly recommend this Tempe, AZ clinic.

Daphne M.

Very pleased with the results after 3 weeks, I have lost 6lbs, and counting. The staff is very professional and there to answer any questions along the way. No pressure to buy anything extra, so you can look at what programs they offer and decide what might be best for you. I’ve decided to continue with them on the weekly program, until I am able to reach my weight loss goal.

Lauren L.

This program is fantastic! I’ve tried many different weight loss plans and none of them worked like valley Weight Loss. With valley Weight Loss the weight fell off and has stayed off! It’s easy and straight forward. I wish I knew about valley Weight Loss 5 years ago!! This is the BEST plan for QUICK and EASY weight loss. I recommend it to everyone!! Thank

Rebecca B.

This office is so motivational. They care and give you the motivation needed to continue. I wasn’t coming in like i should’ve been and one of the nurses got on me about it! I’ve been going back ever since! So far, i’ve lost about 20lbs.

Og G.

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