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HCG Program

HGC Program

$100/week, $300/month, $400/6 week

Comes with 2 FREE Lipo B injections per week

Our HCG weight loss protocol consists of a 500-800 calorie per day, toxin-free diet accompanied by daily treatments of HCG, by injection or sublingual tablet. Our HCG program includes bi-weekly lipotropic injections which are extremely beneficial in helping your liver process the fast weight loss. The average HCG dieter experiences rapid weight loss averaging 0.5 to 2 pounds per day, with many losing up to 3 pounds per day. In addition to loss of unwanted abnormal fat and unhealthy toxin elimination, the true benefit of the HCG protocol is its ability to help modify the dieter’s relationship with food and eating, resulting in easily maintained, long-term weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes. Detoxification of the body, primarily the liver, is a critical component of the HCG protocol. For this reason, patients are instructed to do a colon cleanse prior to starting the injections and to take a daily liver cleanse supplement during all three phases of the diet. We recommend Liver-G.I. Detox.

The HCG diet program includes your 7-day supply of HCG injections or the HCG sublingual tablet along with a Lipo B injection twice a week. We are happy to give you these injections in our office or, if you prefer, you may take them home with you.

What does the HCG Diet Consist of?

BreakfastTea or coffee in any quantity without sugar. You may have as much as you desire. Only one tablespoon of milk is allowed in 24 hours. Stevia may be used in place of sugar.*
Lunch150 grams of the following meat grilled (no oil or fat) weighed raw:
Organic grass fed beef or veal
Organic chicken breast (Skinless)
Wild Chilean sea bass
1 large handful of vegetables (only to be chosen from the following) can be eaten raw, steamed, or grilled (without oil) or gently boiled:
Spinach or Chard or Beet Greens
Lettuces of any kind (including cabbage)
Red radishes
1 breadstick (Grissino) or 1 Melba toast
1 medium apple, small handful of strawberries, or 1 grapefruit**
DinnerThe same four choices as lunch (Above)
DO NOT make lunch and dinner exactly the same in the same day.

*Fresh herbs, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, and Bragg's Liquid Amino Acids may be used to taste. Patients must drink 64 ounces of water (not tap) daily. Drinking green or oolong tea is also recommended.
**Organic only. The juice of one lemon is allowed each day.

If you would like a list of HCG recipes, please send an email to be info@vmweightloss.com.  Use “HCG” as the subject and we will send you the recipes.

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Though the HCG diet has become popular over the last decade, the HCG protocol originally dates back to the 1950s. The HCG diet protocol was written by a highly respected endocrinologist in 1954 by the name of Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. He created the HCG diet protocol and published a manuscript titled Pounds and Inches that acts as instructions for the HCG diet we know today.

HCG, otherwise known as human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone found naturally in pregnant women. The HCG diet is a low-calorie diet with a very specific selection of food. The HCG diet is safe and effective for both women and men. It works by using energy from deposits of fat that wouldn’t normally be used for energy, so people often notice they are losing inches in areas that where they have had difficulty losing through other diet plans.

Dr. Simeons believed the HCG protocol + diet could bring relief to every case of obesity, but the method was not simple. Through years of research, Dr. Simeons perfected one of the most popular diets of our time.

When Dr. Simeons created the diet, he used the HCG hormone as the backbone of it since he did not want a diet that made his patients feel incredibly hungry, as he knew they would be eating fewer calories. For Dr. Simeons, HCG was a great way to help patients struggling with weight and give them a chance to begin a healthier lifestyle.

The HCG + diet is different from other weight loss regimens because HCG is known to boost metabolism and keep you from feeling hungry. Typically, when your body takes in fewer calories than it burns, the body’s natural response is to slow down the metabolism and preserve fat stores. The HCG diet helps your body metabolize stubborn fat stores and keep you energized while taking away pounds and inches.

Through the years there have been many modifications of the HCG protocol + diet but the basic premise is the one most followed today. That protocol typically includes a 500 calorie per day diet accompanied by daily HCG injections. The average HCG dieter can experience rapid weight loss averaging .5 to 2 pounds per day. In addition to the unwanted abnormal fat and unhealthy toxin elimination which also occurs on the HCG diet, one of the true benefits of this diet is its ability to help modify the dieter’s relation with food and eating, resulting in easier to maintain long-term weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes.

Though the FDA does not approve HCG for weight loss, it is often considered by weight loss physicians to be a safe and effective method for weight loss. All our HCG injections and tablets are created in an FDA approved pharmacy. We cannot stress enough the importance of getting HCG from a licensed physician who only obtains HCG that has been manufactured by a licensed FDA approved pharmacy.

The search for a perfect weight loss solution is a never-ending task. Many of our patients find the HCG diet to be a quick and easy solution when it’s followed properly and meticulously. We also have many patients love the way they feel on HCG. We do understand it is not for everyone but if you are seeking a fast weight loss solution, HCG may be the right weight loss program for you.