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What is the Strawberry Lipo Laser?

The Strawberry Lipo Laser is an FDA approved, cold, low level, red laser designed for fat reduction. The Lipo Laser aids in loss of inches in targeted areas. While the greatest benefit of the Strawberry Lipo Laser is reduced body fat, patients also realized smoother, tighter skin. It also decreased the appearance of cellulite!


What Areas Can Be Treated by the Lipo Laser?

 Upper/Lower Abdomen  –  Back Fat – Thighs (Inner & Outer)

  Hips  (Muffin Tops)  –  Buttocks  –  Chest (Men Only)

Strawberry Laser Lipo on Rachael!

The Doctors Like the Strawberry Laser Lipo!

How Does It Work?

The Lipo Laser produces continuous wavelength laser energy that penetrates 9-13mm deep, safely targeting adipocyte cells (fat cells). The laser creates pores in the cells, causing them to release the water, fatty acids and glycerol stored inside. Fat cells then shrink in size and the released fluids are processed through your lymphatic system.

fat cells shrink with lipo laser
diagram of laser penetration

Who Can Benefit From the Lipo Laser?

The Lipo Laser benefits both men and women. The laser can be the final touch to help tighten and shrink those hard to target areas. It also has been proven to decrease cellulite and the appearance of cellulite. The Lipo Laser will provide that little bit of extra help removing unwanted areas of fat while sculpting and tightening targeted areas.

Am I A Candidate for Lipo Laser Treatments?

Lipo Laser is not for everyone. You would not be a good candidate for laser fat reduction if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Photosensitivity from medication or otherwise
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Pacemaker
  • Uncontrolled hypertension
  • Kidney or liver disorders
  • Cancer now or within the past year (any form)
  • Tattoos in the area you want treated (can cause hyperpigmentation)
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Lymphatic disease or disorder
  • Epilepsy

What Are the Side Effects of Lipo Laser?

There are no known side effects. No downtime. No pain or discomfort. No bruising. No surgery. Non-invasive. Return to work or activities immediately.

How Many Visits Does It Take and What Results Can I Expect?

You can achieve results after the first visit. Ideally it is recommended that a series of 8 treatments be completed with no less than 48 hours between treatments for optimal results. Number of treatments and treatment areas can vary by individual. Almost everyone shows a measurable loss with each treatment. Exercise and proper nutrition are necessary throughout treatment and to maintain results. Results may vary.

Pre/Post Treatment Info

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