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PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP Hair Loss Treatments

Reverse hair loss & reclaim your confidence with PRP hair loss treatments. 

Hair loss is a common condition that affects both men and women, but it can still feel frustrating and lower your self-esteem if you’re going through it.

We provide PRP treatments (Plasma Rich Platelet treatments) designed to naturally and effectively regrow your hair where it’s thinning on the scalp so you can start looking & feeling like yourself again.

For PRP hair loss treatments, we take a small sample of your blood and extract the highly concentrated growth factors. We apply these growth factors to your scalp where you want to promote hair growth. These growth factors in the PRP stimulate the production of collagen and stem cells that help grow your hair and keep it strong & healthy.

Our PRP hair loss treatments can produce noticeable results after multiple treatments. And it’s quickly becoming one of the more preferred hair loss treatments on the market because of its many benefits over other hair loss treatments.

  • PRP is relatively painless and surgery-free, unlike grafts and implants
  • PRP uses no harsh chemicals—we use a sample of your own blood to get the PRP
  • PRP gives you natural results—it’s your own hair that returns to your scalp
  • PRP has a short procedure time—you’re in & out in 60 to 90 minutes 

Our Services

PRP for Hair Loss $650 or 3 treatments for $1650

PRP for hair loss has become quite promising for both men and women in the fight for thinning hair. Many of Dr. Julie Keiffer’s patients have experienced very positive results after just 2-3 PRP treatments for hair growth.

Our PRP Process

When you come in for an appointment with us, you always get one-on-one attention from Dr. Keiffer, who specializes in all PRP treatments and other aesthetics procedures.

You’ll get to discuss your health history, current concerns, and goals so we can determine if PRP can give you the best results. You can expect to be given a topical numbing ointment at the start & to have a small amount of blood drawn by one of our medical staff. The PRP will be applied to your scalp where you want to target thinning hair. 

The full treatment is done 60-90 minutes & the recovery process is minimal, so you can return to your life as usual as soon as your treatment is finished.

Procedure for PRP for Hair Loss

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Is PRP for hair loss right for you?

If you’re thinking about getting treatment for hair loss, we recommend looking into PRP as an option sooner rather than later. PRP is most effective when hair loss is recent, and it is not meant for anyone who is completely bald.

Our hair loss treatments have helped our patients: 

  • Overcome feeling self-conscious about thinning hair
  • Regrow hair lost to alopecia—male & female pattern baldness
  • Recover from hair loss caused by high stress levels

To talk to our doctor about your specific needs, book your consultation with us today. We’ll help you decide if our PRP treatments can help your hair loss concerns.

Call now to schedule your appointment 602-883-7599 or email us at customerservice@vmweightloss.com

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