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Why Staying Hydrated is Important for Weight Loss in Phoenix

When looking at developing a weight loss Phoenix program, one area that should not be overlooked is your water intake. While the majority of your plan will be made up of exercise, diet and supplements, water plays just as important of a role in how efficiently your metabolism runs and your body burns calories.

Burn More Fat

Your body relies on the liver to metabolize fat for energy. When you don’t drink enough water, your kidneys need to rely more on the liver to help do their job, which in turn reduces how efficiently your liver can help burn fat. Since all cells rely on water to work efficiently, staying hydrated helps both organs work at their full capacity.

Break Down More Carbohydrates

Research from the Berlin’s Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center suggest that staying hydrated boosts metabolism by increasing the breakdown of carbohydrates. Typically this is seen more in women, with the increased metabolism seen in well-hydrated men coming more from burning additional fat.

Feeling Full

Drinking water before and during meals helps reduce the amount of food you eat by making you feel full sooner, resulting in a smaller calorie intake. Staying hydrated can also fight food cravings, as it’s easy to mistake feelings of thirst for hunger.

Cold Water

Whenever possible, choose cold or ice water to drink. The colder the water, the more energy your body has to use to bring it up to a usable body temperature. While the amount of calories burned is small, every little bit helps when you expand the benefits over the course of a year or more.

When developing your weight loss Phoenix program, shoot for at least 64 ounces of water a day, though in a hotter climate you’ll need to increase that number significantly depending on how much time you spend in the heat. To determine a more specific water amount, contact us today to talk to our experienced staff about a more individualized water goal.

Image Source : CherryPoint

By Staff

July 28, 2014

Weight Loss