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Tina C.

Today marks 12 weeks that I have been with Valley Medical and let me just say the results are AMAZING!! I have lost 37lbs and feel better than I have in 5 years. Dr. Woeller is wonderful and I cannot speak highly enough about the staff! I typically go for my visit during my lunch break and the guys are always super fast and allow me to get in and out. I started this journey to loose 60lbs by October so I can shop for my wedding dress in the size I want to be. I have never tried a medical weight loss program and had I known it would be this painless I would have started a year ago! I highly recommend Valley Medical Weight loss to anyone that has thought about using medical weight loss but have been skeptical. The Dr. will answer all questions you have and make sure you are on the right program. Of course you have to put the work in as well but you are definitely given all the tools and support to reach your goal! Thank you Valley Medical! 20lbs to go!!

By Callie Valko

August 20, 2018