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Is Your Weight Loss Doctor Setting the Right Expectations?

If you’ve tried every diet and exercise routine in the book, it may be time to involve a weight loss doctor to help better customize your plan to your own individual biology. However, when choosing a doctor, it’s important that you ensure they’re setting their expectations at a healthy level that you’re okay with.

Weight Loss Goal

One of the first things many weight loss doctors will do is set a weight loss goal. These goals may be broken down weekly, or may be monthly or yearly goals. It’s important that your doctor is not setting your goals too high. While in cases of extreme obesity where a patient’s weight is life-threatening a higher goal may be set under medical observation, a general weight loss goal should be around one to two pounds a week.

Diet and Calorie Intake

Your doctor will also set a calorie intake goal. This goal varies widely depending on factors like your gender, current weight, health and activity level. In general, women should not restrict their calories below 1,000 per day, and men below 1,200 calories. Once again, in cases of severe obesity, a doctor may recommend lower goals but under strict supervision.

Exercise Frequency and Intensity

Exercise plays an important role in the weight loss process. Your doctor or a fitness trainer will help develop a routine for both aerobic and strength training exercises. Some mild muscle pain and tiredness is to be expected. However, if you’re feeling pain or tiredness that is affecting your ability to move or function, the frequency or intensity is probably too high.

Weight loss doctors have a depth of knowledge that allows them to guide the weight loss process, but ultimately you know your body. It’s important to express concerns and let your doctor know if you feel sick or injured. However, some soreness and tiredness is expected, so it’s important to strike a balance in order to see the best results possible.

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By e Creations

July 18, 2014

Weight Loss