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Don’t Believe These Common Weight Loss Myths

Breaking down 5 of the most common and unhelpful weight loss myths. Plus what you should do instead. There’s a lot of misinformation about there about health. We see it all the time, but especially [...]

By Jodi Jaffe

December 16, 2020

Weight Loss

Healthy Gut Bacteria Can Help You Lose Weight

Healthy gut bacteria is an often overlooked key to improving health and losing weight Did you know that when you eat a piece of pizza, you aren’t the only one consuming all of those calories? There [...]

By Jodi Jaffe

December 9, 2020

Nutrition, Lifestyle, Weight Loss

Easy Self-Care Ideas to Improve Your Health and Wellness

Why you should make time for self-care and how to make your own wellness a priority—especially this winter.  Making your wellness a priority is more important now than ever before. We’re [...]

By Jodi Jaffe

November 25, 2020

Lifestyle, General Health, Health Tips, Supplements

Tips for a healthy and enjoyable Thanksgiving

No one wants to give up the delicious Thanksgiving feast for their diet plan. We have some tips to help you have a healthy and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Plus we added some healthy Thanksgiving recipe [...]

By Jodi Jaffe

November 18, 2020

Nutrition, Lifestyle, Health Tips, Recipes

5 Health Benefits of Vitamin B12

Whether it’s through your diet or injections, you need to make sure you have enough vitamin B12 each day. Did you know that your body can’t produce all the essential nutrients it needs on its [...]

By Jodi Jaffe

November 11, 2020

General Health, Supplements

How to Easily Get 30 Minutes of Activity Every Day

5 tips to easily get 30 minutes of activity every day so you lose weight faster and feel better When you hear someone tell you to exercise more, it’s easy to feel a bit frustrated.  You know [...]

By Jodi Jaffe

November 5, 2020

Weight Loss, Exercise, Health Tips

Our New Adenosine Injections to Help You Lose Weight

Looking for a weight loss option that targets fat directly? Adenosine injections target fat and help you lose weight faster When you start your weight loss journey, you get so much advice about how [...]

By Jodi Jaffe

October 28, 2020

Specials, Weight Loss

How to Help Your Child Lose Weight

Follow these expert-recommended strategies to help your child lose weight. And know when it’s time to talk with a professional In recent decades, childhood obesity has become one of the most [...]

By Jodi Jaffe

October 21, 2020

Lifestyle, Weight Loss, Health Tips

The Best Exercise for Weight Loss

Get the most weight loss benefits out of your time spent exercising If you’re going to start exercising with the goal of losing weight, then you want to choose the most effective exercise for [...]

By Jodi Jaffe

October 14, 2020

Lifestyle, Weight Loss

Overcome Common Weight Loss Obstacles

If you hit a wall in your weight loss journey, don’t stress, and don’t give up! We have some tips to help you. When you start your weight loss journey it’s easy to feel motivated and excited [...]

By Jodi Jaffe

October 7, 2020

Weight Loss