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Product of the Month! Stevia Extract Liquid

It’s a NEW month, so you know what that means – a new product to go along with our monthly special, which includes:

Physician Consult & Weekly Weigh-ins
Meal Plans
FDA Approved Medications
MetaBlast Supplements
Craveaway Supplements
Weekly Upgraded Injection of B-12
Bi-Weekly Injection of Lipo X
Full Body Analysis on our BODYCOMP Scale


With this special you receive 4 WEEKS of everything listed above for only $295 (that’s a savings of over $200) – and we’ll throw in the stevia for free! You’ve probably heard about stevia and you may be vaguely familiar with what it is, but we wanted to get down to the nitty gritty and give you all the details because we think it’s so fabulous!

Stevia is a natural, no-calorie sweetener that’s extracted from a South American plant called Stevia rebaudiana. The sweetness of stevia comes from specific compounds in the plant called steviol glycosides. The extract is 250 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, but it has no calories and ZERO effect on blood sugar, which makes it a perfect fit for weight loss and safe for diabetics. To up the ante, a study published in the “British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology” even found that regular use of stevia may help lower blood pressure in those who suffer from high blood pressure. Amazing, right?

Because stevia is so sweet, a little bit really goes a long way. The liquid extract is especially great because it easily mixes into anything. You can put a couple drops in your coffee, use it to sweeten your oatmeal, and even bake with it.

The specific stevia brand we’re offering with our monthly special is called Protocol for Life Balance Stevia Extract Liquid. Protocol for Life Balance’s website states that this particular liquid stevia “utilizes Glucosyl Stevioside, an enzymatically-enhanced Stevia leaf (Stevia rebaudiana) extract with improved taste and sweetening properties. Our natural proprietary processing method improves taste and sweetness”. The recommended serving size is 1 to 4 drops and there’s 461 drops per container, so this baby will last you a LONG time. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this special offer and signing up for our monthly special, drop in or call us at either one of our locations to find out more!

Phoenix: 602-374-3374
Tempe: 480-968-5673