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5 Health Benefits of Vitamin B12

Whether it’s through your diet or injections, you need to make sure you have enough vitamin B12 each day.

Did you know that your body can’t produce all the essential nutrients it needs on its own? There are molecules that aren’t created by processes in the body, but instead, have to be ingested or injected in some way so we can get these essential nutrients. It’s why what we eat in our diet every day is so important. 

B12 is one of these essential nutrients. Vitamin B12—or cobalamin—is a nutrient we can’t produce on our own and we rely on certain foods to get it.

The only foods B12 naturally occurs in are animal products. But it’s now added to foods that many Americans eat each day to ensure everyone gets enough of the essential vitamin. This is why you’ll see many types of cereal are “fortified with vitamin B12”. That means it doesn’t occur naturally in the cereal ingredients. Instead, it’s added to ensure more people get B12 and other fortified nutrients that many people would otherwise lack in their diet.

But why is B12 so important that cereals are fortified with it, and now injections are available to ensure you get enough of it every day?

Health Benefits of Vitamin B12

As an essential vitamin, B12 does quite a lot to keep you healthy. Below are 5 of the biggest health benefits of vitamin B12:

  • Healthy red blood cell formation

Vitamin B12 is essential for red blood cell formation, and red blood cells are important for carrying oxygen to all the organs of your body. 

But when you are vitamin B12 deficient, your body can’t produce as many red blood cells, and they become larger and oblong. This makes it difficult for the red blood cells to move from your bone marrow and into your bloodstream. Ultimately, this means your organs don’t get as much oxygen as they need.

  • Prevent osteoporosis

Studies find that people with vitamin B deficiencies have lower than normal bone mineral density. And it’s been linked to osteoporosis and poor bone health, particularly for women.

This is especially important for anyone though as you age. Because bones become frail and more likely to experience breaks and sprains as you get older.

  • Reduce the risk of memory loss

The link between B12, memory, and neuron health continues to grow. A deficiency in B12 has been linked to memory loss for older adults.

Plus, Vitamin B12, when combined with other nutrients, can slow the progress of early-stage dementia. And B12 deficiency is associated with memory difficulties unrelated to dementia. 

  • Improve your mood

It turns out that B12 is important for creating and regulating serotonin—the molecule that regulates your mood.

Vitamin B12 deficiency may cause depression, or depression-like symptoms, as a result of inadequate serotonin production. In fact, the findings in one study suggest that a B12 deficiency can cause twice the risk of developing severe depression.

  • Promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails

Vitamin B12 gives a boost to our vanity too—it’s essential for healthy hair, skin, and nails.  

It’s an important nutrient for cell production, which means it’s essential for all of our cells to look healthy and operate properly.

Studies have found that a B12 deficiency is associated with a range of skin conditions that can be overcome with an increase in vitamin B12 through supplementation or diet.

Signs of B12 Deficiency

So how do you know if you aren’t getting enough B12? 

It can be difficult to figure out, but first, you can start tracking how much B12 you get every day (you’ll first want to learn the minimum amount of B12 you should aim for every day).

And you can consider if you regularly experience any of the following symptoms because they’re all associated with vitamin B12 deficiency:

Signs of a short term B12 deficiency:

  • Feeling weak and tired
  • Pale skin
  • Dizziness
  • Bleeding gums
  • Diarrhea or constipation

Signs of a long term deficiency:

  • Frequent numbness or tingling in fingers or toes
  • Depression
  • A decrease in cognitive abilities
  • Difficulty balancing

The thing about vitamin B12 deficiency is that it builds slowly over time and can easily be mistaken for other health concerns. 

But it’s always important to remember: this isn’t something you want to self-diagnose. Talk to your doctor or one of our medical professionals to see a B12 deficiency is actually something you’re experiencing before making any drastic changes to your diet or lifestyle in an attempt to ameliorate certain health concerns or symptoms.

How to ensure you get enough?

One way to make sure you have enough vitamin B12 is to make sure you have a diet rich in B12. 

Some of the top foods for vitamin B12 include fish, liver, milk, eggs, and beef.

However, that’s not always the easiest way, and there are still widespread vitamin B12 deficiencies across the US.

Some people simply don’t eat enough of these animal products in their diet. Also, diseases like Crohn’s, celiac disease, or pernicious anemia, prevent typical absorption of nutrients in the body.

So how can you ensure you have enough B12 and reap all the health benefits?

Vitamin B12 injections

At Valley Medical Weight Loss, we offer injections to help you keep your B12 levels where they should be. 

While it is possible to get enough B12 through the diet, there are widespread deficiencies for a range of reasons like dietary restrictions or nutrient absorption difficulties.

We offer B12 injections using the highest quality methylcobalamin, which is a naturally occurring form of B12, unlike other options on the market. These injections improve your metabolism, give you a boost of energy, and improve mood.

Reach out to one of our locations nearest you to talk to one of our doctors and find out if you’d benefit from a B12 injection.


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lose stubborn fat

Lose Stubborn Fat with Lipotropic Injections

This weight loss supplement gives you the health benefits of vitamin B and helps you lose weight

Lipotropics might sound like some strange kind of injection. If you read that word and wonder what the heck is that?—you aren’t alone! 

It’s easy to question the legitimacy of lipotropics when the name of it doesn’t sound like anything you’re familiar with. But when you break it down, the purpose is right there in the name: lipo means fat and tropics means related to, influencing, or changing a certain hormone or part of the body.

Lipotropics simply means a substance that changes fat content in the body. So these are nothing more than injections that help people lose the stubborn fat that’s been most difficult to lose.

But how do these injections help people lose weight? 

What Are Lipotropics Made Of?

Lipotropics are most often a mix of B vitamins, methionine, inositol, and choline. And these injections are proving to drastically improve weight management and overall quality of life. 

For starters, Vitamin B is an essential nutrient with a ton of health benefits. Vitamin B:

  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Reduces risk of eye disease like macular degeneration
  • Improves mood
  • Reduces depression symptoms
  • Improves brain health
  • Boosts energy
  • Promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails

And there’s more than just one type of vitamin B. What’s often called vitamin B complex is the whole group of B vitamins that we need to be in good health.

Vitamin B-12 specifically is one of the most important for healthy metabolism and weight loss. But the absorption of vitamin B-12 isn’t always complete through normal consumption. Which is why injections are often provided now for those who will benefit from it.

As for the other compounds in lipotropic injections—methionine, inositol, and choline—these are incredibly beneficial molecules that get to work improving your metabolism and preventing fat accumulation in your cells.

Methionine is an amino acid that must come from our diet. Although our bodies can’t produce it on their own, it’s important for proper cell function, relieving pain, liver function, and detoxing the body.

Inositol has varied health benefits, but significantly elevates mood and prevents fat build-up in your cells

And choline is another essential nutrient your body can’t produce on its own. But your body needs it for transporting nutrients and good metabolism.

But how do all these compounds mixed together lead to weight loss? 

Lipotropic injections reduce fat in your liver and improve metabolism

Your liver function is important for good, healthy metabolism. But that gets compromised by having too much fat in the body. Because as fat levels elevate in the body, fat also builds up in the liver. 

The way you can end up with too much fat in your liver is simply by eating too many calories. And when this fat build-up happens, your liver loses the ability to function at full capacity. This means it won’t be able to filter out toxins as efficiently and liver inflammation develops. And if your liver gets inflamed, you can end up with more serious and life-threatening complications beyond weight gain alone.

Lipotropics are actually able to prevent and reduce fat build-up in the liver. 

The compounds in the injection get delivered to the areas of your body that hold onto fat cells—including the liver. As the liver loses fat, it works more efficiently. Your metabolism improves and your body has an easier time breaking down carbohydrates and stored fats.

So how can you ensure you get all these essential nutrients to protect your liver and lose stubborn fat?

At Valley Medical Weight Loss we offer four affordably-priced high-end options that get you the results you’re looking for safely.

  • B12 Injection

You’ll typically find two types of B12 injections. Some use cyanocobalamin and others use methylcobalamin.

Our top-of-the-line B12 injections are made using methylcobalamin. This is the most natural option for B12 injections. While cyanocobalamin is purely synthetic (man-made), methylcobalamin is a compound that naturally occurs in foods like eggs, fish, meat, and dairy.

Our B12 supplements are designed to give you the many benefits of vitamin B12 including:

  • More energy
  • Fat metabolism
  • Better sleep
  • Healthy immune function
  • Improved vision
  • Lipo B Injection

With the Lipo B injections, you get a blend of B12 and B6 plus methionine, choline, and inositol.

All of these together prevent fat build-up and increases fat removal from your liver. 

This is one of our most popular entry-level injections that will help you feel energized, lose stubborn fat, and detox your liver. It’ll help you achieve the weight loss you’ve been working hard for.

  • Lipo Excel Injection

Our Lipo Excel injection is our most popular option for a reason: you get everything in Lipo B plus a B5 vitamin and L-carnitine. 

Why are B5 and L-carnitine so important?

B5 gives an extra boost to your energy levels and helps your body more efficiently break down fats.

L-carnitine does the important work of increasing your strength and lowering fatigue while suppressing your appetite. 

It’s common knowledge that you’ll lose weight by cutting calories. L-carnitine makes that easier to do. You can cut calories without feeling all the fatigue and frustration that often comes with eating less!

  • Lipo Blast Injection

When you get the Lipo Blast injections you get the very best of what lipotropics has to offer. 

This injection is a complete B-complex vitamin blend with the best lipotropic compounds that burn fat fast.

The Lipo Blast injection can help lower your cholesterol, boost metabolism, and improve your overall energy and mood. Plus you still get the L-carnitine for the added benefits of suppressed appetite and improved energy.

Ready to lose stubborn fat? Get the right lipotropic for your fat loss goals

Whatever your goals and current health concerns are, we have a safe and healthful lipotropic option for you. 

Learn more about our lipotropic injections for weight loss or reach out to one of our locations nearest you to talk to one of our specialists about your options.


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Lipotropic Injections: Your Secret Weapon

There’s no doubt that eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly are the foundations of any sustainable weight loss plan. But what if we told you that we could give you a boost that could help you start shedding those extra pounds more quickly than with diet and exercise alone? We know it seems like it’s too good to be true, but we promise, it’s not. Lipotropic injections are the secret ingredient to helping you burn fat more quickly.

More specifically, it’s what’s in the lipotropic injections that matters. We offer several different options, but one of our most popular, Lipo Excel, contains a naturally-occurring compound called adenosine monophosphate, that increases your metabolic rate and helps you lose weight faster. When combined with other natural compounds and vitamins, adenosine monophosphate is a fat-burning force to be reckoned with.

How Lipotropic Injections Boost Weight Loss

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is another major ingredient in our lipotropic injections. When adenosine interacts with vitamin B12, it leads to increased energy and faster weight loss. That’s because the compounds work together to increase your body’s metabolism.


Lipotropic injections also include choline, a compound that your cells, nerves, and brain need to function optimally. Choline also helps transport nutrients through the body. Studies show that people who are deficient in choline tend to gain weight and have a harder time losing weight. When you give your body a boost of choline through lipotropic injections, it ensures that you have a healthy level of choline in your blood, allowing you to lose weight more effectively.


Inositol is a type of B vitamin that doesn’t get much attention, but it should. The vitamin helps transform your body’s fat and prevents it from accumulating in your brain, arteries, and heart. Instead of building up in these vital areas, when they come into contact with inositol, the fatty deposits break down. This leads to a reduced appetite and a lower cholesterol level.


Some of our lipotropic injections also contain methionine, an amino acid that helps neutralize toxins, reduce inflammation, and boost metabolism.

If you want to learn more about our lipotropic injections and what kind of packages we offer, check us out. If you’re ready to boost your weight loss, come in and see us at any of our locations. No appointment necessary!