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lose weight after 50

How to Lose Weight After 50

When you want to lose weight after 50, it’s hard but not impossible. Here’s why weight loss gets harder and what you can do about improving your health and living a longer life.

When you hit 50, it can feel like you suddenly start gaining weight. One minute you’re in your 40’s and feeling energized, the next you feel more tired and less like yourself. You don’t know where it’s coming from or why it’s happening.

If that’s been the case for you, you are NOT alone. The effects of aging he everyone in one way or another, with common experiences related to predictable changes that happen as we age.

Women produce less estrogen, accumulate more fat around their hips and midsection, and lose bone density.

Men produce less testosterone and lose muscle mass as well. They also experience a rise in instances of diabetes and heart disease after the 50-year mark.

Many of the hormonal changes and aging processes are unavoidable. And when it comes down to it, it’s not your fault it’s harder to lose weight as you age. 

But that does not mean you can’t do anything to prevent or reverse the effects of aging on your weight. It’s never too late to start.

With the right strategies, you can get down to your goal weight and feel confident in your skin. You can reverse the effects of aging on your weight and even prevent major weight gain that many people experience in middle age.

Doing so just requires understanding what’s going on with your body and how to counteract it.

3 common barriers to weight loss after 50

  1. Loss of muscle mass

Sarcopenia, the gradual loss of muscle tissue, sets in around age 40. The loss in muscle mass doesn’t happen overnight, but by 50, many people lose 10% of their muscle mass

Muscle does more than give us a toned body. It influences your metabolic rate and how you burn calories.

When it comes to the types of tissues and cells we have in our body, certain types burn calories more efficiently. Muscle burns more calories than fat, which makes having more muscle helpful to lose weight.

So as you lose muscle, your resting metabolic rate begins to decline–by some estimates as much as 2% per decade. So by 50, your metabolic rate has slowed down and you lose muscle mass, which leads to noticing weight gain and other related health concerns manifesting around that time frame.

2. Sleep changes

For a long time, researchers have noted a link between sleep and weight gain.

Those who stay up and eat late into the night are more likely to be overweight than those who stop eating in the early evening and have a consistent, early bedtime.

There is also a connection between sleep deprivation and weight gain–those who don’t get the full recommended 7-9 hours of sleep eat more the following day and seek out calorie-dense foods.

Not only is your body trying to make up for lost energy, but sleep impacts your hormone regulation. The hormones ghrelin and leptin which regulate your appetite and fullness can get out of balance. As a result, your body craves more calories than you would normally seek out and you feel like you can eat more than usual.

3. Hormonal changes

As you age your levels of estrogen and testosterone drop. When this happens, your body starts to store more fat and it’s harder to drop any extra fat that accumulates. 

At the same time, the hormones ghrelin and leptin act differently as well. They help you accurately determine when you are hungry and when you are full. But when these hormone levels fluctuate, you feel hungrier than you used to and it’s harder to feel full. As a result, you end up eating more than you once did and it’s difficult to limit your calorie intake.

How to achieve your weight loss goals after 50

Lift weights

It’s important for anyone to include 3-4 days of strength training in their week. Starting before 50 can help prevent the common health concerns that arise at 50. 

One study found that adults who exercised at least four days a week experienced no loss of muscle mass or related effects at the same time others in their age group who didn’t exercise were showing signs of losing muscle mass and a slowing metabolic rate.

But even if you haven’t taken preventative measures and find yourself wondering how to lose weight over 50―it’s not too late at all.

You can regain lost muscle mass and prevent further loss by lifting weights just a few times a week.

As a result, you will increase your bone density which prevents osteoporosis, or loss and weakening of bone. It also keeps your muscle mass at levels that keep your metabolism efficient.

Stay active

While lifting weights is important to retain muscle mass and boost your metabolism, it’s important to stay active in other ways too.

It’s common to feel like you slow down after 50, but you can keep up much of your energy by maintaining an active lifestyle.

Cardio for one is an important piece of keeping an active lifestyle. Cardio exercises like swimming, running, or hiking help you maintain your heart health. An unhealthy heart and cardiovascular system are associated with fatigue and changes in overall health. A healthy heart helps you keep up your energy levels throughout the day so you can burn more calories and stick to a routine sleep cycle. 

Cardio is also a great way to burn calories during exercise. HIIT in particular is known for begin effective to burn a high amount of calories during the workout plus it helps build strength to build your resting metabolic rate as well.

But the most important thing to do is find a form of exercise and other activity that you enjoy most so you keep doing it and reap the health benefits of staying active.

Reduce intake of refined sugars

As your metabolism slows down, it becomes harder for your body to process the foods you used to eat with ease. You may have always been able to get away with eating your favorite sweets and snacks without noticeable weight gain over time, but that changes in middle age.

To adjust to a slower metabolism, it’s important to be more aware of what you choose to eat every day. While you don’t have to cut out ALL the tasty food you enjoy, limiting intake each week is advised. 

This is not only beneficial for your weight, but also for preventing type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Get support

Studies have shown that people with a workout or diet partner are more likely to follow through.  We feel more supported and it’s more enjoyable to work towards a goal with another person.

This means we are more likely to do better if we choose a friend or family member to get healthy with. You can hold each other accountable and follow through on your plans for a healthy diet and exercise.

You’re also more likely to successfully lose weight if you have the support of a doctor or weight loss professional on your side.

It’s understandable to try and go it alone to lose weight because in theory, it sounds as simple as changing your diet or exercising more.

But the truth is that it’s hard to know what to do for your particular situation and get the results you want. It’s common for people dieting alone to cut out too much of the wrong foods or develop an unhealthy relationship with food. And it’s even more common to lose steam a few weeks into your diet plan. Sticking to a diet or exercise regime when you have frequent temptations around is a challenge. That’s why having someone who creates a sustainable plan and check-ins improves the likelihood you follow through and see results.

At Valley Medical Weight Loss, our doctors help you create a weight loss plan that is personalized for your needs and helps you learn healthy diet habits for the long run. We know how important it is to still enjoy food even while you diet, so we help you get to your goal and then teach you how to maintain it without a lifetime of extreme dieting.

To get your weight and health back on track after 50, visit one of our locations for a consultation today. No appointment necessary.

what are lipotropic injections

What Are Lipotropic Injections?

Lipotropic injections are a widely used option to help you overcome weight-loss plateaus and kickstart your weight loss journey.

The cornerstone of weight loss plans rests on a healthy diet and exercise. But when you feel stuck in your progress, or want an extra boost to start, how can you make that happen?

There are a variety of options out there to supplement your weight loss efforts. And if you’ve been searching for support in your weight loss journey, you have probably seen lipotropics come up in your search. We’re going to break down what those are and if they’re right for you.

What are lipotropic injections?

Lipotropic injections are a mixture of amino acids and vitamins designed to help you lose weight. They are 

These are often confused with B12 injections. The reason is that the base of lipotropic injections is vitamin B12. But the injections are used for different purposes.

The B12 shot typically only uses vitamin B12 for the purpose of increasing energy. B12 helps your body produce more red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout your body. With more oxygen flowing, increased energy is a result.

Lipotropics, on the other hand, do more than boost energy. They also improve metabolism, clear out toxins, and help you burn more fat. The concoction in lipotropics goes farther and does more to efficiently boost energy while burning fat.

How do Lipotropic injections kickstart weight loss?

All the different vitamins and amino acids in the lipotropic injections serve different goals. 

Improve metabolism and burn more fat

There are multiple amino acids that help increase your metabolism. L-carnitine is included in lipotropic injections because it helps convert fat into energy. The amino acid makes your body more efficient at not only breaking down these fat cells but also using them. In addition, it helps your body more efficiently break down food into energy so it does not get stored and turn into fat. 

L-carnitine isn’t the only amino acid putting in the work to improve your metabolism and shed fat. There’s also methionine, inositol, and choline.

Together, these three amino acids help your body release fat throughout your body. Inositol helps remove stubborn fatty build-up from your liver and makes it harder for fat to store there again. Choline prevents fat build-up in your arteries. And finally, methionine helps your body release the fat stored in your cells so it can be efficiently used by your body as energy.

Here’s a breakdown of the vitamins and amino acids included in lipotropics and how they help you lose weight:

  • Methionine which as we know helps break down fat in your body. But it also helps treat depression and inflammation. And through the conversion of L-cysteine, it helps neutralize toxins, making it a powerful antioxidant. 
  • Inositol reduces fat build-up which leads to weight loss. But in addition, due to the reduced fat in your arteries, can help improve your overall health. It’s also improves mood and helps control appetite.
  • Choline is essential for weight moderation, and a deficiency in it can increase weight gain. It helps your body break down energy and transport nutrients throughout your body. 
  • Vitamin B1 improves your heart and brain health while helping to manage stress
  • Vitamin B2 helps turn fat, protein, and carbs into energy. Plus, it helps keep hair and nails healthy.
  • Vitamin B3 can help improve digestion and lower blood pressure.
  • Vitamin B5 is an essential nutrient to help with energy and the catabolism of fatty acids and amino acids.
  • L-Carnitine can reduce fatigue and suppress appetite, plus increase strength to build more muscle and a healthy metabolism.
  • Adenosine helps minimize inflammation, lower blood pressure, improve sleep and promote weight loss.

The key to getting the right lipotropic injection for you is to talk with your doctor about your goals and what your health history is so they know how to help you best.

How often do you get injections for the best results?

There isn’t a one size fits all way to approach lipotropic injections. The dosage and frequency of getting the injections depend on a few things. 

For one, earlier in your lipotropics regime, it’s common to get the first few treatments in the span of one week. Then, the longer you use lipotropics, the more spread out the injections become. So how frequently you get the lipotropic injections depends on where you’re at in your weight loss journey. A standard amount of time for patients who are past the first week is getting regular injections a couple of times a month.

Aside from timing, it will also depend on your own metabolism and body chemistry. Depending on your starting physical health, age, and activity level, you may require the injections more or less frequently than someone else.

The good news is that however frequently you end up getting the injections, most patients feel a noticeable difference in the days following the first shot. Our patients have cited feeling more energized—especially those who pair the injections with exercise.

While lipotropics are effective, they are not a rapid weight loss scheme. They’re beneficial in tandem with a calorie deficit and exercise. It will still take time to lose weight, but they can help you lose weight faster and without frequent fatigue that can come with a change in diet and exercise routines.

Are lipotropic injections right for you?

Lipotropics are just one piece of a weight loss strategy, but they can be helpful for anyone experiencing the following:

    • Having difficulty losing weight—either starting or if you’ve reached a plateau and have been stuck at the same weight for awhile
    • Feeling sluggish while on a weight loss plan
  • Experiencing extreme fatigue due to weight and possible vitamin or amino acid deficiency

But lipotropics should not be used in isolation. They’re a good option if you are ready to follow a diet and exercise regularly as well. 

To try lipotropic injections for weight loss, you first have to talk with a doctor about options. 

At Valley Medical Weight Loss, we provide a range of lipotropic options to suit your weight loss goals. To talk with one of our doctors and kickstart your weight loss journey, visit one of our weight loss centers in Phoenix today.

time to ask for help

When It’s Time to Ask for Help on Your Weight Loss Journey

How do you know when DIY weight loss isn’t working for you? Here’s when it’s time to ask for help and work with a doctor or weight loss professional who can help you lose weight faster and keep the weight off.

With all the readily found information out there about health and weight loss, it’s easy to think that with the right knowledge we can do everything by ourselves.

And while that’s true for some things like changing a tire or trying a new step-by-step recipe, it’s harder to get right when it comes to complex changes like weight loss.

When you decide to lose weight, there are years of habits and lifestyle choices to overcome. There aren’t quick and easy fixes to how to fix your whole mindset and make new habits in ten minutes or less. 

The changes to lose weight and keep the weight off can take time. That’s why seeking out support can help you overcome the most common barriers to weight loss. Barriers like:

  • Stress
  • Lack of social support or being in an unhealthy environment
  • Food cravings

So if you’ve been trying to lose weight on your own but feel like you aren’t making the changes you wanted to see, here’s how to know when it’s time to ask for help in your weight loss goals.

If you keep hitting the same roadblocks

Losing weight becomes a struggle for many people because of how many roadblocks there are to smoothly achieve weight loss goals. Roadblocks like…

  • being too busy to meal plan 
  • not enjoying exercise
  • not having enough information
  • feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information out there about weight loss
  • Intense food cravings

It’s common to get stuck in a cycle of starting and stopping your weight loss journey because you don’t see any progress.

If you’ve been trying to stick to a diet for a month and see only two pounds lost…it’s discouraging. It makes you wonder why you’re putting yourself through the trouble in the first place. And it’s reasonable to wonder why it’s worth trying. You may even think that weight loss just isn’t possible for you.

If you keep trying new DIY programs and don’t see any progress, that’s a clear sign that you can benefit from an expert perspective and support.

Experts in weight loss know more than ever gets talked about in the generalized health advice on the internet. They’ll be able to see why you haven’t made progress yet and help you stick to a plan that’s actually sustainable and manageable for you in the long run. 

If you have any medical condition

Losing weight is helpful for overall health and wellbeing. But if you’re dealing with health complications either related or unrelated to your weight, it’s important to make changes to your diet and lifestyle with health concerns in mind.

Managing different conditions requires changes to diet, lifestyle, and sometimes medication. So if you plan to take additional weight loss supplements or make dietary changes that could interfere with your management of a condition, you want to have all the information so you can do it right.

A doctor can help you decide what kind of diet is best for you in your situation. They can also monitor your progress and health vitals on a consistent basis to make sure you’re losing weight safely. 

If you don’t feel supported by your friends and family 

While we always want to give friends and family the benefit of the doubt and remember they also have their own concerns in life, sometimes they just aren’t supportive of big lifestyle changes.

And it usually has nothing to do with you.

It’s because they’re afraid of having to make changes to their own lifestyle now that you are. Or they may even feel guilty for not taking a proactive stance about their health after seeing you make a change. And sometimes they truly don’t understand why you’d want to change—even when your health is on the line.

But having support is one of the most important pieces of a successful weight loss journey. When you have support, you’re more likely to complete your weight loss program, achieve your goals, and keep the weight off in the long run.

So if you don’t have the support from friends and family, it’s worth the investment to get support so you get someone in your corner cheering you on. Plus, that support comes from a real weight loss and health expert. You will get the personalized support you need most.

If you want to try the faster weight loss methods like phentermine or HCG

If medical weight loss is on your radar, then working with an expert is necessary.

Options for medical weight loss include phentermine, an appetite suppressant. It’s an FDA-approved medication that can be used to suppress your appetite. It’s helpful when starting out your diet so you can adjust to a new diet without intense cravings that pull you off track.

There’s also the HCG program. It’s a short-term low-calorie diet combined with lipotropic injections. The diet helps you cut calories to lose weight fast over the course of three to four weeks. And the lipotropic injections help you increase your energy and promote weight loss.

Neither of these options are meant to be done alone, however. They are prescribed and overseen by a doctor. So if you’re looking for a way to kickstart your weight loss in a powerful way, it’s time to ask for help from a doctor who can safely guide you through a medical option.

Not all weight loss programs are created equal

There are a lot of weight loss programs out there, but they don’t all offer the same level of support.

But we know how important it is for you to get both knowledgeable and compassionate support from an expert.

This is why when you visit any of our locations, you’ll work with a doctor who is compassionate and knowledgeable. You’ll get weekly health and accountability check-ins. Plus personalized changes for your plan depending on what you need for progress.

We have hundreds of happy patients and helped them achieve their weight loss goals with the right support after hitting many of the same roadblocks you may have experienced for years.

If you feel like it’s time to ask for help and you’re ready for life-changing weight loss support, visit your closest Valley Medical Weight Loss location today.