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5 of the Most Effective Weight Loss Supplements

At Valley Medical Weight Loss, we provide a wide range of effective weight loss supplements that help you reach your goals. Learn about 5 of our most popular and effective weight loss supplements to lose weight and feel healthy again.

Losing weight may be a common goal many people have, but it is not a one size fits all endeavor. There are many ways to lose weight, and the most effective option for one person may not work for another.

When you choose which route to take for weight loss, it’s important to consider all of the following:

  • Your health history
  • Current health conditions and concerns
  • How quickly you want to lose weight
  • Dietary restrictions and allergies
  • What makes a sustainable healthy lifestyle work for you

All of these factors influence choosing the right weight loss supplements or programs for your goals. 

Knowing that people need different and personalized solutions, we provide a range of supplement options that can stand alone or be included in our weight loss programs.

5 of our most effective weight loss supplements and programs 

CarbCrave Complex

The CarbCrave Complex helps you reduce carb intake. While carbs are not inherently “bad” for you, many people find that reducing the number of carbs in their diet helps them lose weight. This is especially true for those who have a lot of carbs in their diet and feel near-constant hunger.

Some of the possible benefits include:

  • Appetite suppressant
  • Decreases stress and fatigue
  • Improves mood
  • Prevents stress or boredom related snacking

Lipotropic Complex

The Lipotropic Complex is a popular detox supplement for our patients. It helps you lose weight by flushing fat from the liver. But it also has other benefits:

  • Helps treat depression
  • Regulates liver function
  • Lowers inflammation and assists pain management
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Metabolizes carbohydrates


The Crave-A-Way supplement is another appetite suppressant option. It helps you curb cravings for sweets, carbs, and alcohol. 

It is made of amino acids, and vitamins C, B3, B5, and B6. All of these contribute to weight loss. One of the amino acids, L-phenylalanine, is naturally found in many foods and helps your brain regulate mood and appetite.

Other possible benefits of the supplement include:

  • Improved insulin metabolism
  • Muscle repair and production
  • Enhanced calcium absorption 
  • Reduce anxiety

10 Day Lean & Clean

The 10 Day Lean & Clean supplement helps your body cleanse from the inside out. It’s a 10-day gentle cleanse and an effective way to kick off a diet. It helps you purge toxins from your body, relieve constipation, and cleanse the liver and colon.

Premier Weight Loss Program

Our Premier Weight Loss Program has the benefits of supplements combined with complete one-on-one weight loss support.

Included in the program are a few of our most popular supplements:

  • An appetite suppressant that you qualify for based on your health and goals
  • MetaBlast supplement that helps you burn fat
  • Lipo MaXX injections with B12 to improve mood and weight loss results

On top of the supplements, you also get unparalleled support and guidance for all parts of your weight loss journey. You get diet support, access to our app that helps you plan to exercise, and meal plans. And the plan also includes weekly weigh-ins and 1:1 support from our doctors who tailor the premier program to your needs.

This program is so effective because it combines diet and exercise with supplements that boost your results. Weight loss supplements work better when combined with healthy lifestyle habits like a nutritious diet and consistent exercise. But we know how hard it is to adopt a new healthy lifestyle. That’s why this program includes 1:1 support. 

Book your consult for a personalized and effective weight loss program

We are committed to helping you lose weight in a healthy, safe, and sustainable way. The goal is to lose weight and keep that weight off. That’s why our programs are designed with your long-term success in mind and we teach you the habits to maintain a healthy diet for the long run.

Until August 22, when you sign up for our premier weight loss program, you get four FREE injections of Biotin or Glutathione.

Biotin helps metabolize carbs, fatty acids, and protein. With this supplement, you support your digestive system and regulate your cholesterol and blood sugars. As an added bonus, it also helps strengthen your hair and nails.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that’s naturally produced by your cells. It helps you prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. Plus, it helps strengthen weakened immune systems, slows the aging process, and improves cognitive function.

We take your complete health profile into account when creating a weight loss program and give you supplements that make your weight loss journey smoother than doing it alone.

When one of the biggest weight loss challenges is staying motivated, it’s important to have someone in your corner helping you achieve your goals. Our doctors and all staff support you on your personal journey to feel healthy and happy again.

To book your first consultation, visit your closest Valley Medical Weight Loss location today.

what are lipotropic injections

What Are Lipotropic Injections?

Lipotropic injections are a widely used option to help you overcome weight-loss plateaus and kickstart your weight loss journey.

The cornerstone of weight loss plans rests on a healthy diet and exercise. But when you feel stuck in your progress, or want an extra boost to start, how can you make that happen?

There are a variety of options out there to supplement your weight loss efforts. And if you’ve been searching for support in your weight loss journey, you have probably seen lipotropics come up in your search. We’re going to break down what those are and if they’re right for you.

What are lipotropic injections?

Lipotropic injections are a mixture of amino acids and vitamins designed to help you lose weight. They are 

These are often confused with B12 injections. The reason is that the base of lipotropic injections is vitamin B12. But the injections are used for different purposes.

The B12 shot typically only uses vitamin B12 for the purpose of increasing energy. B12 helps your body produce more red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout your body. With more oxygen flowing, increased energy is a result.

Lipotropics, on the other hand, do more than boost energy. They also improve metabolism, clear out toxins, and help you burn more fat. The concoction in lipotropics goes farther and does more to efficiently boost energy while burning fat.

How do Lipotropic injections kickstart weight loss?

All the different vitamins and amino acids in the lipotropic injections serve different goals. 

Improve metabolism and burn more fat

There are multiple amino acids that help increase your metabolism. L-carnitine is included in lipotropic injections because it helps convert fat into energy. The amino acid makes your body more efficient at not only breaking down these fat cells but also using them. In addition, it helps your body more efficiently break down food into energy so it does not get stored and turn into fat. 

L-carnitine isn’t the only amino acid putting in the work to improve your metabolism and shed fat. There’s also methionine, inositol, and choline.

Together, these three amino acids help your body release fat throughout your body. Inositol helps remove stubborn fatty build-up from your liver and makes it harder for fat to store there again. Choline prevents fat build-up in your arteries. And finally, methionine helps your body release the fat stored in your cells so it can be efficiently used by your body as energy.

Here’s a breakdown of the vitamins and amino acids included in lipotropics and how they help you lose weight:

  • Methionine which as we know helps break down fat in your body. But it also helps treat depression and inflammation. And through the conversion of L-cysteine, it helps neutralize toxins, making it a powerful antioxidant. 
  • Inositol reduces fat build-up which leads to weight loss. But in addition, due to the reduced fat in your arteries, can help improve your overall health. It’s also improves mood and helps control appetite.
  • Choline is essential for weight moderation, and a deficiency in it can increase weight gain. It helps your body break down energy and transport nutrients throughout your body. 
  • Vitamin B1 improves your heart and brain health while helping to manage stress
  • Vitamin B2 helps turn fat, protein, and carbs into energy. Plus, it helps keep hair and nails healthy.
  • Vitamin B3 can help improve digestion and lower blood pressure.
  • Vitamin B5 is an essential nutrient to help with energy and the catabolism of fatty acids and amino acids.
  • L-Carnitine can reduce fatigue and suppress appetite, plus increase strength to build more muscle and a healthy metabolism.
  • Adenosine helps minimize inflammation, lower blood pressure, improve sleep and promote weight loss.

The key to getting the right lipotropic injection for you is to talk with your doctor about your goals and what your health history is so they know how to help you best.

How often do you get injections for the best results?

There isn’t a one size fits all way to approach lipotropic injections. The dosage and frequency of getting the injections depend on a few things. 

For one, earlier in your lipotropics regime, it’s common to get the first few treatments in the span of one week. Then, the longer you use lipotropics, the more spread out the injections become. So how frequently you get the lipotropic injections depends on where you’re at in your weight loss journey. A standard amount of time for patients who are past the first week is getting regular injections a couple of times a month.

Aside from timing, it will also depend on your own metabolism and body chemistry. Depending on your starting physical health, age, and activity level, you may require the injections more or less frequently than someone else.

The good news is that however frequently you end up getting the injections, most patients feel a noticeable difference in the days following the first shot. Our patients have cited feeling more energized—especially those who pair the injections with exercise.

While lipotropics are effective, they are not a rapid weight loss scheme. They’re beneficial in tandem with a calorie deficit and exercise. It will still take time to lose weight, but they can help you lose weight faster and without frequent fatigue that can come with a change in diet and exercise routines.

Are lipotropic injections right for you?

Lipotropics are just one piece of a weight loss strategy, but they can be helpful for anyone experiencing the following:

    • Having difficulty losing weight—either starting or if you’ve reached a plateau and have been stuck at the same weight for awhile
    • Feeling sluggish while on a weight loss plan
  • Experiencing extreme fatigue due to weight and possible vitamin or amino acid deficiency

But lipotropics should not be used in isolation. They’re a good option if you are ready to follow a diet and exercise regularly as well. 

To try lipotropic injections for weight loss, you first have to talk with a doctor about options. 

At Valley Medical Weight Loss, we provide a range of lipotropic options to suit your weight loss goals. To talk with one of our doctors and kickstart your weight loss journey, visit one of our weight loss centers in Phoenix today.

struggling to lose weight

Struggling to Lose Weight?

If you’re struggling to lose weight, work with a physician to get a weight loss plan that supports you and gets results

You’ve decided you’re ready to lose weight and improve your health. 

So you researched weight loss diets and combed the internet for all the tips and tricks to lose that weight. 

Maybe you’ve even decided to exercise three days a week to burn some extra calories.

And you start out strong, feeling super motivated for those first few days. Even for the first week. And you’re thinking—I got this. 

But all the aspects of your life that prevented you from losing weight in the first place start to get in the way again.

You’re busy and getting to the gym seems nearly impossible even three days a week.

And that busy schedule makes cooking a total drag. Seriously, who has time for this? It’s easier to eat out or buy prepackaged meals—even when you know they aren’t the best for you.

And while you’re thinking about food, what about all those favorite snacks you said you’d cut out of your diet? The temptation to indulge is always there now. Truly you want to eat all your favorite unhealthy foods more now than you did before.

Why? Because you’re hungry. Not just kind of hungry—you feel like you’re starving and it’s making you tired and irritable. 

And now that certain foods are off the table you feel like it’s harder to unwind with friends and family at the weekend when everyone loves dining out as a way to connect. So you can add isolation to the list of growing frustration.

And the next thing you know, 2.5 weeks into your attempt at losing weight, you’ve given up on the whole plan because why bother? You feel more miserable now than before.

Any of this sound familiar?

If you’ve experienced even one of these frustrations on your weight loss journey, then you know how hard it is to lose weight on your own. You know how long it can take and how many ups and downs there can be along the way.

Because barriers to losing weight are tough

Barriers like demotivation, embarrassment, or pain are deeply emotional and challenging for anyone to overcome

It’s so easy to get frustrated and feel like it’s impossible. Especially when progress comes slower than you hoped.

And it’s easy to feel alone. To feel like no one can understand how it feels to go through this journey. 

But the support you need is out there.

And it turns out that when you feel supported, you’re more likely to lose the weight you want.

This is why working with a physician for weight loss is the best investment you make to get results.

Because with a physician you find more than injections, weight loss supplements, and meal plans. 

What you get is a team dedicated to your success. Dedicated to helping you become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. With the support you need every step of the way.

So how does physician-led weight loss support you?

1. Weekly Check-ins

If you’ve tried losing weight on your own, you know how easy it is to get off track.

Whatever you’re facing, a physician gives you strategies to help and even creates a plan that gets around those difficulties.

So when you go to a weight loss center for a weight loss plan, you set yourself up for success by getting a support network.

You get weekly check-ins so you don’t feel isolated as you go through your weight loss journey.

These weekly check-ins help you stay accountable and give you the chance to check in with a physician for support and advice. And this support is hugely influential for successfully losing the weight you want.

Plus a physician will remind you to celebrate even the smallest loss. And cheer you on as you stay consistent with your plan.

2. Personalized Meal Plans

There are three major struggles with dieting:

  1. You give up moments of joy from eating your favorite foods.
  2. Finding time to make the healthy foods you need
  3. Getting the right food for complete nutrition

While working with a physician means you’ll likely still forgo some of your favorite junk foods on a regular basis, they can help you with the second and third roadblock.

When you work with a doctor, you get the best advice about eating for your needs and lifestyle. They give you realistic ways of finding time to prepare food in your busy schedule.

They’re also experts at setting you up on a diet to lose weight and still get all your nutritional needs.

As humans, we all have certain essential nutrients we must get from our food.

But depending on personal nuances in your biology, you might need to cut certain foods out of your diet and emphasize others.

If you’ve already tried before, you know revamping your diet is no easy task. Largely because there’s so much information about diet out there that it’s hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong.

It’s easy to be unsure what the diet is for you.

When you work with a physician to lose weight, you get a personalized meal plan that’s backed by evidence and produces results. 

3. Personalized Exercise Routines

Believe it or not, there’s no one “right” way to exercise.

While you’ll hear people who do every type of exercise say their way is the best way, the truth is this: the recommendation for exercise according to the Department of Health and Human Services is 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week.

It doesn’t specify what this exercise must be.

The most important thing is finding something you love doing and doing it any 3 days a week that work best for you.

You can swim, walk, jog, lift weights, play basketball, hike, or do yoga. 

But if you’re struggling to find an exercise activity that you enjoy and want professional guidance, your team at a weight loss center can set you up with a workout plan

That way you don’t have to wonder how you should exercise. And you don’t have to spend time planning your workout routines either.

At Valley Medical Weight Loss Center We Help You Stick To Your Weight Loss Program 

You care about your health and you want to live the best life you possibly can.

We are here to support you and make losing weight easier than if you go it alone.

Our weight loss plans that give you dedicated support are something we’re proud to provide at Valley Medical Weight Loss Center.

We know you’re capable of losing weight. You just need the right tools and the right plan for you. 

So we give you everything you need to get you the results you want.

We offer a Weekly Weight Loss Plan with weekly check-ins, a meal plan, and supplements that get you the results you want.

And we provide a Premier Weight Loss Plan with all the check-ins and benefits of the Weekly Plan plus an exercise routine and our app with more meal ideas and other weight loss tools.

Both of our weight loss plans give you time with a physician every week to hold you accountable and support you on this journey.

Schedule an appointment to start your weight loss journey with us.


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Weight Loss Program Tips: Start Logging Your Meals

Trying to lose weight can feel overwhelming, but having the right knowledge and tools to help you through the process makes a noticeable difference between shedding just a few pounds or reaching the goals of your weight loss program. One tool that can be used to help you in your weight loss journey is a meal log.

Why Log Your Meals?

When you start logging your meals, you may be surprised not only by how many calories you consume each day, but how often you eat. Logging your meals is important for not only tracking the calories you consume to ensure you’re creating a calorie deficit, but also tracking patterns of when you’re more likely to overeat or choose less healthy options.

What to Log

When starting a food log, it’s important to log everything you eat throughout the day. Logging the amount of water you drink is also helpful as staying hydrated plays an important role in hitting the goals of your weight loss program. Divide your log into meals and snacks, keeping a detailed list of not only what you ate but the serving size. This tracking allows you to go back later and look up the calories for each item.

Logging Emotions

When logging your meals, try logging how you felt while eating as well as the feelings that led up to you getting hungry. This is especially helpful for people who associate eating with comfort, as you can look back and have a visual map of not only what you chose to eat, but also your reasoning for choosing the foods you consumed.

The process of logging your meals can be expanded into other areas of your weight loss program, especially tracking sets and workout times for your aerobic and strength training programs. If you have questions on how to set up a food log, contact our staff today to see how we can get you on the road to weight loss success.

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Does Your Child Need a Weight Loss Program? The Long-term Dangers of Childhood Obesity

In the last three decades, rates of childhood obesity have almost tripled. This alarming rate has lead researchers to question how the issue will affect the health of today’s obese children in the future and the consequences the epidemic will have on overall public health. These researchers are quickly learning that the health consequences of childhood obesity could be both profound and long-lasting, which is why parents with obese children should put them in a weight loss program.

Childhood Obesity and Increased Risk of Disease

Children who become obese have a much greater risk of developing other health issues early on in life, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes. The risk is elevated because kids’ bodies are still developing, and childhood obesity can affect every aspect of this maturation, such as the way metabolism functions. Obesity forces these changes at very critical periods in development, creating a real risk for overweight kids.

Obese children often grow into obese adults who experience complications later in life, but even obese children who reach and maintain a normal weight during adulthood are at an increased risk of health issues. These complications include asthma, cancer, psychiatric disease, infertility, fatty liver disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, obstructive sleep apnea, renal complications and the previously mentioned concerns, like type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Valley Medical Weight Loss’s Children’s Weight Loss Program

More research is still needed on the subject, especially because of the relative new-ness of childhood obesity, but studies do show that the epidemic will have long-lasting effects on today’s children. In an effort to prevent these consequences, the Valley Medical Weight Loss weight loss program for kids addresses the issue of childhood obesity and includes a comprehensive treatment plan that can help your child reach and maintain a healthier weight. Tailored specifically to young people, this weight loss program includes educational materials, a professional consultation, a daily meal plan and more in order to help your child reach maximum health.  

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micronutrient testing

The Importance of Micronutrient Testing For Your Weight Loss Program

When diet and exercise routines still result in a weight loss plateau, what’s inside you, rather than what you’re doing on the outside, may be what’s holding you back. Micronutrients play an essential role in losing weight in everything from fat storage to your metabolism, and getting them tested can help make the most of your weight loss program.

Micronutrient Testing Basics

Micronutrient testing is a little known technique that creates a nutritional profile of the body. The process involves a simple blood test, which is then analyzed in a lab looking at the key vitamins and minerals that are necessary for weight loss. The resulting lab panel can help you and your doctor better guide your weight loss plan for maximum results.

Why It’s Important

The body needs a balance of specific vitamins and minerals to operate efficiently. Different micronutrients play varying roles in the body, and when your body is deficient in one nutrient, it can be enough to slow down your entire weight loss progress. By testing your micronutrients you can better design a nutritional diet plan that will help boost deficient nutrients through natural food selection or through vitamin and mineral supplements.

Nutrients Important to Your Weight Loss Program

  • Zinc – Adequate zinc levels help suppress your appetite.
  • Vitamin D – Vitamin D plays an essential role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, increasing energy and burning fat.
  • Chromium – Chromium affects insulin sensitivity, helping the body process blood sugar more efficiently.
  • Vitamin K – A deficiency in vitamin K can increase the body’s storage of fat instead of burning it for energy.
  • Magnesium – Low levels of magnesium affect how well cells can utilize glucose for energy, affecting metabolism and fat storage.

The nutrients listed above are only a few of those tested for in each blood test. For a wider individual list, talk with your weight loss professional today about how a micronutrient test can help you find success in your weight loss program.

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Lose Weight on Your Weight Loss Program Without Skipping Dessert

You may think that skipping dessert is the key to weight loss, but turning down temptation may actually be hindering the success of your weight loss program. Studies show that depriving yourself of foods makes it more difficult to make the right choices later on, and enjoying a sensible dessert will keep you healthy and satisfied so you don’t overindulge later on. Next time you are craving a delectable dessert, try one of these healthy options to stick to your weight loss program while making your sweet tooth happy.

Lemon Mousse Topped with Strawberries

This tart and sweet dessert tastes like sunshine, making it the perfect way to finish off a dinner on a hot Arizona evening. Cut the calories in the mousse by using fat-free yogurt and gelatin instead of cream and eggs, and add an extra burst of flavor by topping the mousse with grated lemon rind. Serve chilled with the lemon mousse and strawberries in layers for a real treat that looks as good as it tastes.

Fruit Sorbets

Next time a craving for ice cream strikes, reach for a refreshing bowl of fruit sorbet instead. Fat-free and delicious, sorbets have far less sugar than the conventional stuff, but they have just as much flavor. For an even tastier treat, top your favorite sorbet with fresh slices of fruit or sprigs of mint.

Baked Almond Peaches

Stuff juicy peaches with dried apricots, crushed amaretti cookies and toasted almonds, then pop them in the oven until they are bubbly and golden brown. Although this desserts sounds indulgent, each serving has less than 200 calories.

Ricotta and Berries

Instead of topping your favorite berries with fattening whipped cream, enjoy a healthier version by adding raspberries, blueberries or strawberries to a small bowl of ricotta cheese. Add even more flavor by squeezing lemon or orange juice into the cheese.

Fruit Crostinis

Top a thin slice of whole-wheat bread with berries, peach slices and a dot of maple syrup for a lovely, low-fat dessert. You can even add a touch of fat-free cream cheese and still eat two for less than 100 calories!

To learn more about how you can succeed on a weight loss program without skipping dessert or feeling deprived, contact us today!

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Weight Loss Programs

Valley Medical Weight Loss Programs that Help You Shed Pounds

When it comes to weight loss, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Everyone puts on the pounds in different ways and for different reasons, and it takes a unique strategy to shed them. At Valley Medical Weight Loss, we offer a number of different plans and options to help you lose the weight and keep it off, and we work hard to determine the best program for your individual needs and goals.

Valley Medical’s Weekly Weight Loss Program

Many of our clients have found great success with our weekly program, losing an average amount of two to five pounds each week! This program gives you access to a medical consultation, fat blocking or appetite suppressing medications and two supplements that are specially formulated to burn fat and turn food into energy. Clients enrolled in this program also receive a weekly water pill and a B12 injection that delivers an extra boost of energy.

Weight Loss without Medications

If you love the sound of our weekly program but don’t want to take medications, our Lipo B Weekly Program may be a great option. By enrolling in this program, you take advantage of a Lipo B injection that speeds up the removal of fat, craving-curbing supplements, a water pill and a B12 injection.

Monthly Weight Loss Programs

Our monthly weight loss program includes a comprehensive body analysis, eight Lipo excel injections, weekly B12 injections and our product of the month, all at one low price. You may also upgrade the monthly package to include micronutrient testing that will identify any deficiencies in your diet that may be affecting your health and weight loss.

The HCG Program

Available weekly and monthly, this program is a complete weight loss system. Clients adhere to a carefully planned diet while receiving daily injections of HCG, a hormone that helps you lose weight and keep it off. Clients also receive lipotropic injections bi-weekly to maintain liver health throughout the weight loss process, and on average, people who engage in this program lose an incredible 0.5 to 3 pounds each day!

We have more information about Valley Medical Weight Loss’ packages to help you choose which one is right for you!

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