What are MIC Injections?

They are an effective way to help boost your energy, detox your liver, trim your waistline, and metabolize fats and carbohydrates.

MIC Weight Loss Injection Pricing:

  • MIC Weight Loss Injection — Single Injection: $20
  • MIC Weight Loss Injection — 4-pack: $70
  • MIC Weight Loss Injection — 8-pack: $120


Methionine is a sulfur-containing amino acid, a valuable nutritional compound with many benefits. It can treat depression and inflammation, improve liver function, relieve pain, prevent excess fat in the liver and body, and encourage healthy growth and metabolism. Methionine also works as an antioxidant via the conversion of L-cysteine, which helps neutralize toxins.


Inositol, a member of the vitamin B-Complex family, aids in the metabolism of fats and helps control appetite. It can benefit you by transforming fat throughout your body. It prevents fat build-up in the cells, heart walls, arteries, and brain by breaking down fatty deposits. Less fat in your arteries means lower cholesterol. It is also known to be very beneficial to one’s mood. 


Choline is essential for the normal function of the body’s cells, brain, nerves, liver metabolism, and transportation of nutrients throughout the body. Research shows that most people seem to be deficient in Choline, which can increase weight gain.

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Our personalized weight loss programs


Our Weekly Weight Loss Program costs just $31.95/week and includes a consultation with our physician, FDA-approved appetite suppressants, B12 injection, personalized meal plans, weekly weigh-ins, and more. Everything you need to succeed is included for one low price. Patients can expect to lose around 2-5 pounds per week. Walk in and get started today!

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Our Premier Weight Loss Program is our best-valued option at $295/month, offering patients a total savings of around $200. Included are a free supplement of the month, 8 Lipo MaXX injections that include a double dose of B12, full-body composition analysis, customized meal and exercise plans, weekly weigh-ins, and ongoing sessions with our physician. 

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Our Youth Weight Loss Program in Tempe, Phoenix, and Glendale, AZ, offers treatment for patients ages 12 and up, starting at $145/month. We provide an array of multivitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, custom meal plans, weekly check-ins, and physician consultations. Weight loss can be instrumental in helping to prevent and combat a range of medical concerns in younger people, including diabetes, dyslipidemia, heart problems, bone and joint issues, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure, all of which can disrupt normal social and emotional development.

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Why choose Valley Medical Weight Loss?

Named Best of the Desert for Weight Loss 2022, Valley Medical Weight Loss is a convenient, no-hassle clinic where patients encounter kind, non-judgmental practitioners and a friendly atmosphere. No appointment is necessary, so patients can walk in and get started on their treatment plans the same day, returning on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for weigh-ins, medications, and injections. We believe that every person deserves to enjoy life, free from the burden of excess weight and its attendant medical concerns. The hardest part is simply walking through the door, but once you meet our caring, knowledgeable team, we feel certain that you will want to embark on your unique weight loss journey with us. Stop by Valley Medical Weight Loss in Glendale, Phoenix, or Tempe, AZ, today!

DISCLAIMER: These are pharmaceutical-grade injections. The above information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any injections or products provided by Valley Medical Weight Loss are to be used along with our physician’s complete program.

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