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Consistency is key when it comes to achieving your health and wellness objectives. If you don't enjoy the gym or dread working out you won't stick with it. Instead of approaching fitness as an item you dread in your schedule, make it fun. Yes, fun weight loss activities do exist!

#1 Zumba

Zumba is a high-energy Latin-dance-inspired and fitness program. It's a fun workout because it feels more like a dance party than a traditional exercise routine. The lively music, choreographed routines, and infectious energy of the instructor make it an enjoyable and engaging way to get fit and burn calories.

If not Zumba, any type of dance class. From tap to jazz, hip-hop, and more. And yes, you can find beginner classes for adults!

Local Zumba classes.

#2 Ball Room Dancing

Ballroom dancing is not only a beautiful art form but also a fantastic way to get a cardio and strength training workout. The intricate footwork, quick movements, and constant motion involved in ballroom dancing elevate your heart rate, providing a cardiovascular workout.

If you're a Dancing With The Stars fan, you know that there are lots of different styles to choose from.

Dance is one of many fun weight loss activities that:

  • Engages your core
  • Improves whole-body strength
  • Doubles as cardio
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves balance

It's also something you can do with your partner! But singles are welcome too.

#3 Video Games

Video games can be a surprisingly effective way to burn calories while having fun. And you can play with friends and family!

Games like Just Dance, Dance Dance Revolution, and Wii Fit offer interactive experiences that get you moving and sweating. These games incorporate dance routines, aerobic exercises, and balance activities, providing a cardio workout that can help you burn calories and improve your fitness level.

So, grab your gaming console and get ready to have fun while getting fit!

Here are some fun VR fitness games to consider!

#4 Group Sports

Joining adult sports leagues and teams is a fantastic way to combine socialization and workouts. Not only do you get to engage in physical activity and improve your fitness, but you also have the opportunity to meet new people and build friendships.

Whether it's soccer, basketball, softball, or any other sport, participating in adult sports leagues allows you to enjoy the camaraderie of a team while staying active and motivated toward your fitness goals.

Return to the sports you played in high school, hop on the pickleball trend, or give a new sport a try.

Here are a few local adult sports leagues to consider.

#5 Hiking

Hiking is one of our favorite fun weight loss activities. It gets you outside in nature and provides you with a cardiovascular workout. It also engages various muscle groups, including the legs, core, and glutes, promoting strength and toning. The more challenging the terrains and inclines, the more calories you burn—and the faster you build your endurance.

Hiking is a family-friendly workout as it allows everyone to enjoy the outdoors together. It provides an opportunity for quality time, exploration, and bonding. You can easily find trails for different skill levels, making it an activity for children and adults of all ages.

So, lace up your hiking boots and embark on an adventure that combines fitness, nature, and family fun!

Here are some of our favorite local trails.

#6 Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is not only a fun water sport, but also a fun weight loss workout. Balancing on the paddleboard engages your core muscles, including the abdominals, obliques, and lower back, as you navigate through the water. This constant engagement helps to improve core strength, stability, and balance.

In addition to core training, paddleboarding provides a full-body workout. Paddling with your arms and shoulders strengthens the upper body, while the leg muscles work to maintain balance and stability on the board. The continuous paddling motion also provides a cardiovascular workout, helping to improve endurance and burn calories.

Whether you're gliding across calm waters or riding waves, paddleboarding offers a unique and enjoyable way to stay active, connect with nature, and enhance your overall fitness level.

Here are a few places to paddleboard in the area.

#7 Outdoor Cycling

A Peloton and other stationary bikes are effective workouts, but this list is about fun weight loss activities! Anytime a workout gets you outside, it’s more fun. Cycling is a fantastic low-impact cardiovascular workout. It strengthens the heart, lungs, and lower body muscles. While you’re at play, you’ll improve endurance, burn calories, and increase overall fitness levels.

Cycle around the city for fresh air or immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Whether you're cycling through parks, countryside roads, or around your neighborhood, being outdoors enhances the overall experience. The fresh air, sunlight, and natural surroundings can have a positive impact on mental well-being, reducing stress and boosting mood.

So, hop on your bike, feel the wind on your face, and pedal your way to better health!

Here are some local park and preserve cycling routes.

#8 Group Workouts

Group workouts, such as yoga, pilates, and traditional cardio classes, offer a range of benefits that can enhance your fitness journey.

Participating in group workouts provides a sense of community and support, which can help increase motivation and accountability. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who share similar goals can inspire you to push harder and stay committed to your fitness routine.

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates classes focus on flexibility, strength, and balance. These fun weight loss activities improve posture, increase muscle tone, and enhance overall body awareness. They also promote relaxation and stress reduction through mindful breathing and meditation techniques.

Traditional Cardio Classes

Traditional cardio classes, such as aerobics or dance-based workouts, offer an effective way to improve cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, and boost endurance. These high-energy classes often incorporate dynamic movements and music, making the workouts engaging and enjoyable.

Group workouts also provide the opportunity to learn proper form and technique from qualified instructors, ensuring that you perform exercises correctly and safely.

Whether you prefer the mind-body connection of yoga and pilates or the energetic atmosphere of cardio classes, group workouts offer a supportive environment, varied routines, and expert guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Here are a few group fitness studios in the area.

#9 Martial Arts

Martial arts provide a dynamic and engaging workout that offers numerous physical and mental benefits. Whether it's karate, taekwondo, judo, or any other discipline, martial arts training can be an excellent way to stay fit and improve overall well-being.

Martial arts workouts involve a combination of strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility training. The various techniques, such as punches, kicks, and grappling, require the use of different muscle groups, promoting strength and toning. The constant movement and intensity of martial arts training also provide an effective cardiovascular workout, helping to improve endurance and burn calories.

In addition to the physical benefits, martial arts training focuses on discipline, focus, and self-defense skills. It can enhance mental clarity, self-confidence, and stress management. The structured nature of martial arts classes, with their belt systems and progressive learning, provides a sense of achievement and motivation to continue progressing.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, martial arts offer a challenging and rewarding workout that combines physical fitness, self-defense skills, and personal growth. So, unleash your inner warrior and embark on a martial arts journey to improve your fitness and overall well-being.

Browse local martial arts classes here.

Which of These Fun Weight Loss Activities Will You Try First?

Mix the fun workout activities above in between your at-home, app-based, and traditional gym workouts—or abandon the gym for good! Try one or all and keep looking for fun new ways to make losing weight faster and easier.

Done with dieting? Diets don’t work! If you’re done with yo-yo dieting and are looking for evidence-based tailored weight loss strategies—reach out to Valley Medical Weight Loss and Med Spa.

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